5 cute IG-Worthy Cafes to Hit Up in Dzorwulu

Ghana’s capital city Accra is fast-becoming a haven for cute cafés. There’s just something about cafés that makes people feel a certain measure of wholesomeness. If you ask me, I feel it’s nostalgia from watching the cast of Friends hang out in their make-believe café Central Perk.

The smell of roasted coffee beans and steamed milk is always a welcome aroma to start the day. Cafés are just the best places to be, whether you’re there for coffee, a quick chat with friends, or work. Here, we’ve listed some of our most recommended cafés to visit in Dzorwulu, Accra.

The ambiance they have is not only serene but their decor is among the cutest in the city.

Here are 6 cute IG-Worthy Cafés to Hit Up in Dzorwulu.

SecondCup Dzorwulu

This quaint café is located a few meters from the Dzorwulu AstroTurf. It’s a small café, and every corner is filled to the brim a chintz chair of a framed piece of art. The minute you enter their store, you can smell a mix that heady coffee aroma. Every corner deserves a spot on your Instagram feed! The brick walls perfectly complement the pop of colors, thanks to their lovely flower arrangements. And their mixed fruit smoothies are heavenly. Order that with their blueberry muffin and you’ll never want to leave.

Address: 10 Osu Badu St, Dzorwulu, Accra.

Gaia Organics Café and Retail

Health is wealth and Gaia Organics Café understands that so well. Instead of serving only coffee, this café gives you the best there is to offer with vegan breakfast and brunch options and they use indigenous ingredients too. Moringa tea and beet root detox smoothies are among our favourites. If you need a boost before your workout, do well to take a gander through Gaia. Plus, it’s wood and floral decor only makes you love it more.

Address: Dzorwulu Nii Nortei street opposite E-Plaza, Dzorwulu, Accra.

Café-Bar Noir

The café that stays open all the way past happy hour. Café-Bar Noir is that hideaway of a place that offers the best space of private celebrations. As the name implies it’s most black with matte and Mediterranean-style tiles. We love coffee and cake and Café-Bar Noir serves that generously. However, for us, it’s their Ghanaian Sunday Brunch menu we adore. That Tiger Nut pudding after some Tilapia Soup slaps.

Address: JR62+9HW, Dzorwulu, Accra.

Vida e caffé – Villagio

One thing we always like to look for in coffee shops (apart from the distinct homey aroma of their coffee) is the music. Indeed, Vida e Caffè – Villagio does not disappoint. Get a whiff of their specialty coffee the moment you step inside the café with Chill-step or Lo-Fi music overhead.

Their’s is one of the big cafés in Dzorwulu and considering it’s in the Villagio building it still stays true to its Portuguese integrity.

P.S: their salad bowls and club sandwiches are absolutely to die for.

Address: JRCC+3Q6, Dzorwulu, Accra

Josie’s Cuppa Cappaccino

Need breakfast on the go? Swing by Josie’s Cuppa Cappaccino now! This café, and we are yet to see anyone beat their mark, has the fastest order service. Yes, their quick with it.

They have an assortment of breads and pastries that are freshly baked every day. And would you believe us if we told you that almost all bread and pastries get sold out every single day?

If you’re looking for a cafe that feels like a home then it’s definitely Josie’s Cuppa Cappaccino. And they always have a random fun activity going on there. Book readings and launches to acoustic sessions and game nights. Take a peep through. We recommend it.

Address: No.6 Airport Residential Area., Accra, Ghana





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