5 easy and productive activities you can do now that you’re on vacation

You’re home. It’s vacation. School is closed and the weather is wet. You promised yourself hours of rest and maybe enjoyment side attractions. Unfortunately, the weather won’t allow us much. And while there’s not much we can do outdoors that shouldn’t stop us from having fun, building capacity and making money while at it.

Maybe some day there’ll be automated machines that’ll be able to do every task and essential service that we need. Until then we’ll continue to update ourselves in the best ways we know how. Plus, you just might find these options wholesome and entertaining.

Here are 5 easy and productive activities you can do now that you’re on vacation.

1. Learn how to cook

Brush up on your kitchen skills with one of our favourite food pages on the Gram. Kinorah Awini gives us master chef tutorials made easy with her food and cooking TelandeWorld on Instagram. If you’re looking to learn how to cook from scratch then you need to have notifications switched on for this page.

2. Get a Google Project Managament Certification

89% of organizations now have at least one project management office (PMO), and 50% have more than one. With Google and Coursera, you could learn the basics of Project Managment and gain certification in a matter of two weeks. You could earn up to $73,000+ a year. To get started click here.

3. Learn Graphic Design

There is never not a need for graphic designers. Especially more so now that a lot of businesses are taking e-commerce and social media marketing seriously. Logos, infographs, posters, e-book covers are just a few of the things you could make as a paid graphic designer. Get a new skill while gaining some extra income by studying graphic designing. With free apps such as Canva.com you can easily learn the art to become a well-paid designer.

4. Write and Sell and E-book

Love to write but don’t want to write for freelance clients or start a blog?

You could still make money with your writing skills by publishing ebooks. Children’s Book, Self-Help Books, Novels and even art books, you can write any and list it for sale on Amazon Kindle Direct Publish and make money passively.

5. Sell stock photos

Stock photography is an in-demand product for bloggers and business owners. If you know how to take great shots, you could totally make money during this vacation with selling your shots.

There are lots of websites that pay real money for stock photos, including: Shutterstock, Smugmug, iStock Photo and Getty Images. You can also sell stock photos through your own website or blog.

Photo Credit: Pichastock/ Kat Grudko





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