5 easy and productive art hobbies for you to try this 2022

2022 is the year we learn new things and get things done. Art is one of the best ways to not only create the new (even though it imitates life for the most part). While creating art is not the most easy thing to do there are a few activities we know are not only easy but also productive.

You could even make money out of them. And who does not want a hobby that bring them an extra stream of income?

With the power of the Internet and this time with a center on YouTube, you can learn new skills and unlock talents you did not know you even had in days.

Here are 5 easy and productive art hobbies for you to try this 2022. They just might be the one to make you a millionaire.

1. Miniature Building.

You can make a paid talent out of this art project by becoming a miniature building artist for architectural agencies. All you need is cardboard, some colouring pens, scissors and the will to create. Plus, these miniature houses look so cute and can easily be sold off as dollhouses. If you want to be ingenious you could even make custom sets from favourite Hollywood movies or locations from popular travel destinations. Check out this YouTube page to get you well on your way.

2. Make a Terrarium

Terrariums are some of the most beautiful pieces of eco art our there. In a world losing out on the climate battle, making terrariums as a means to play your part is worthwhile. All you need is a glass jar (which you can get from shops such as Melcom or China Mall), some garden tools, loamy soil and some choice colourful plants for your terrarium. Make this your new hobbies for 2022 and market them to offices and hotels in and about the capital.

3. Punch Needling/Embroidery

Now this one right here takes dedication. If you are great with needlework then this will definitely be a good avenue for you to explore. Creating simple yet elegant pieces of punch embroidery is something that is not only satisfying but also a crazy great way to sell custom decor. You can check Kingdom Books and Stationery or China Mall for your punch embroidery supplies.

4. Diamond Painting

So you like to make art that shines? And you describe yourself as a perfectionist- someone who takes attention to detail very seriously. Then this is the best art hobby for you. A diamond painting creates an art picture but with more shimmery aesthetic. Finding supplies for this is not easy but thank the heavens for online shops, yes? You can shop for diamond painting supplies as well as be part of a community of fellow diamond art lovers here.

5. Crocheting

Remember when in primary school almost all the girls in Girl Guide were crocheting their little heart outs. Well, this is an artform that needs to make a resurgence. Crocheting is easy and most of all it is fun. You could make a whole lot out of it; shirts, skirts, shorts, beenies and what have you. Whatever it may be your own artistic expression can help you create some of the best crocheting out there. You need yarn and your crocheting sticks and these you can find in any stationary shop as well as Kingdom Books and Stationary, EPP Book shops and Melcom Retail shops. Happy crocheting.





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