5 easy steps to be a go-getter in Ghana

Procrastination, they say is the thief of time. And if there is one thing young people of today are very much aware of it’s that we do not have much of it on our hands. Seizing the day and living in the moment are some of the principles most of us are living by. *Eyes unflattering pictures on Snapchat from lastnight*

However, it’s hard to find the motivation to do a lot of things when Ghana stress, which is a one-of-a-kind flavour of stress, seems to be battering you left, right and centre. It’s not easy being a go-getter in Ghana. The heat, the traffic, the next to non-existent credit systems, the bureaucracy at all government levels… The heat! It’s not easy at all.

Nonetheless, man must eat. Your stomach and your account on minimum balance should be stimulus enough. We know very well how stressful it is to not only make bread but also get things done. So we devised some steps to be a go-getter.

Disclaimer: You need to want this to get it. So buckle up and let’s start achieving.

Here are 5 Easy steps to be a go-getter in Ghana.

1. Set a target

Setting a clearly defined target is the first step towards being a go-getter. You may be thinking, ‘I can’t find the motivation’ or ‘I can’t find a purpose’, please, dead the thought. If it’ll help confide in someone you trust, be it family or friend about your goal. That way, they’ll be asking for updates on your progress and you will feel inclined to get it done.


2. Visualise

You’ve decided on your goal, right? Now, comes the power of imagination. Picture yourself that you’ve already achieved your goal. We are what we think we are, and visualizing positivity sets the subconscious towards positive outlooks and outcomes.


3. Draw up a list

How? When? Where? We already covered the ‘What’ in the beginning now it’s about the practical and consistent actions that’ll carry us to achieving our target. Drawing up a list gives you a clear-cut strategy which you can always calibrate depending on unplanned issues along the way.


4. Take action

We’ve compartmentalized what needs doing now it’s about being your own Action Woman or Man. Go out and do! All talk and no action will only make you lethargic and consequently feel worse than before. Start small. A first step. Did you say you wanted to get fit this year? Take a twenty minute walk. Do fifteen press-ups. Do twenty squats. Just do!


5. Treat yourself

Celebrate, because you deserve it. Treat yourself as you go along by rewarding yourself after each bit of progress. These rewards could be anything- a night out, a guilty pleasure, if you can afford it even a trip out of town. It’s vital that you keep yourself motivated throughout the process.


So there you have it, 5 Easy steps to be a go-getter. You are well on your way towards being an achiever. Take that first step and stay achieving.





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