5 easy steps to make money off your social media

A lot of moguls like to say ‘Let your money work for you and not you work for money’. Easy for them to say when their bank value has more zeroes than the Olympics logo.

For Ghanaian Millenials and Generation Z-ers making money is not so clear-cut. Unemployment is soaring, bank credit is unfavourable to the start-up entrepreneur and what few jobs that are open for graduates expect five or more years of experience. Like, how do you expect all that from a fresh graduate? As they (they being the collective unemployed youth) say, ‘The math isn’t mathing!’

However, whilst job-searching is difficult, we have the opportunity of making our own jobs via digital means. Social media is one of such great outlets through which a lot of youths are turning their lives around. Through social media one could easily become first a content creater, an influencer and then a brand ambassador. Depending on how you work, because it is consistent hardwork, you could transition into mega-status with the calibre of brands under your portfolio.

Setting up a social media account and monetizing it has been made easy. With platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the opportunity to reach millions of consumers is just a few clicks away. But finding direction in setting up your brand can be overwhelming.

Here are 5 Easy steps that can help you to make money off your social media.


1. Identify a problem or a market gap

First identify what you want to tackle via your social media platform. Solving a problem or fitting a gap will always attract viewers or consumers and that translates into cash. You want to open a page that about stock trading made easy for the layman? How about, healthy-three-ingredient recipes? Conceptualizing that idea is the birth of your legacy.


2. Consider a niche

Clearly, you have a target audience you want to attract. Your idea needs to be branded in a form that appeals to this market niche. Consider a page that rates road-side food joints and thrift-shops and gives insights on prices. You will have to be colloquial and concerted with how you approach your niche which would be mostly lower and middle-class youths.


3. Think customers, not just the money

Two or more heads are better than one. Social media gives us the benefit of not only interacting with consumers but gauging in real-time their response to our content. Be more interactive, address concerns, inspire discussions and engage in divergent thoughts. Heck, you could get better ideas as to how to make more impressionable content.


4. Build it with resources available to you

There’s a thin difference between branding and packaging. It can be difficult to see sometimes but it’s there. Use whatever resources are available to you right now. Graphic design? Use Canva to make whatever posters and backdrops. Need to record for a vlog or podcast? Use your phone until you can afford high-end products. Do not pressure yourself to achieve 100% at once. Use what is available to you.


5. Be ‘Findable’

No, really, be findable. And here you may need a bit of money for this. Use search optimization platforms. Put your content up as an advert on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. The premium can bite into your pocket and it is wiser to do this for short periods with a targeted audience. This will not only increase market penetration but will also amp your ranking with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Here is a link to some resources that’ll help you on your way.


So there you have it, 5 Easy steps for you to be on your way towards monetizing your social media. Did you find this helpful? Do you have any suggestions? Get interactive. Comment below.





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