5 easy to make healthy and affordable lunches to make this work week

Who’d have thought that even after years of completing primary school, we’d still be packing lunchboxes? And this time for work.

In this fast-paced economy where today’s profits could be tomorrow’s loss it is advisable to live smart and within your means. This includes cutting down costs on expensive and needless purchases.

One smart way to cut down on expensive purchases is reducing buying takeout lunch. It saves you money on meals that are priced for profit and delivery costs which are on the up and up due to current fuel rates.

Apart from the fact that making food at home is smart on your bank account it is also a smart way to monitor the nutrients and hygiene of what you are consuming.

Pack your lunchbox full of nutrients and ingredients while looking forward to your midday meal knowing that you’re eating healthy and staying wealthy.

Here are 5 easy to make healthy lunches to take to work.

1. Brown rice, mackerel sauce and a side of vegetables

A bowl of cooked brown rice

Choose high-fibre brown rice to keep you full and satisfied all through the afternoon. Easy to prepare, over fire or with a rice cooker, adding a mackerel in tomatoe sauce (for protein) heated mildly with spices such as pepper, garlic, ginger and rosemary will make your lunch tastier. Do not forget your vitamins and mineral salts. Add a side of vegetables to balance your diet. Some shredded carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms and cabbage will not only add nutrients but colour to your lunch. Do not boil the vegetables. You want your nutrients fresh.

2. Fruit Bowl

Fruit bowl with pineapples, pawpaw and strawberries

Fruit Bowls are always an easy, healthy and affordable choice for lunch. Especially in tropical areas where pineapples, bananas, pawpaws and watermelons are available almost year round. Buy a weekly stock of fruits and preserve either by refrigeration or in a cool dry place. Make your fruit salad the night before or early before work to keep it fresh. Drizzle some lemon or lime over your to add that extra zesty citrus kick.

3. Plantain and beans (Gob3)

A bowl of Plantain and beans stew.

Perhaps one of Ghana’s most balanced staple meal combinations, plantain and beans never fails to get the job done. Fried, baked or even boiled plantains with beans and palm oil is a healthy and satisfying lunch option that will not only save your wallet but also food cravings.

4. Mashed Kenkey (Fante) with bread and avocado.

A bowl of mashed kenkey with groundnuts.

Kenkey is a Ghanaian favourite and with good reason. It’s delicious and satiating lunch option especially during a hot day. All you need is a ball of Fante Kenkey, milk, sugar and groundnuts or peanut butter. Put them all together in a blender and crank it till you have you mashed paste. Keep it in the fridge and have it with bread and some avocado slices and you are not only keep yourself healthy but also satisfied.

5. Homemade Wraps

Lettuce beef wraps

Maybe you don’t want the carbs from bread. May we suggest flatbreads or tortillas? They are affordable, healthy and can be found in any leading Ghanaian supermarket. If not, you could even use crisp lettuce leaves for your wraps. For the filling? Tuna flakes, strips of chicken or salmon with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and boiled eggs. Grate ginger and garlic over your filling before wrapping up. You can do away with the fish, chicken or eggs and replace it with avocado if you’re looking to go vegan. Enjoy.





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