5 easy ways to get over a heartbreak

Aww, we’re so sorry. Last last e don cast? And now you’re chopping breakfast. We sympathise.

Falling in love is such a beautiful thing. Hitting the ground though? Not so much.

As much as we’d all like one, there is no rulebook on how to get over a breakup. After a relationship ends, people often report feeling lonely, distressed and depression. In fact, many experts have equated having a broken heart to a form of grief. In other words: If you’re struggling to move on from a breakup, you are far from alone. 

According to science writer Florence Williams says her body felt like it had been plugged into a faulty electrical socket.

“I can almost describe it like a brain injury,” she says. “I wasn’t sleeping at all. I felt really agitated.” Williams noted in her book, Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey,  that falling in love actually stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for producing stress hormones — perhaps as a way to prepare for heartbreak. In other words, we’re biologically primed from the start to feel stress when a relationship ends.

It almost makes you feel like love is a drug. And we’ve got the cure for it. These 5 easy things could just help you get over that heartbreak.

Scroll down below to learn how to pick up those broken pieces of your heart:

Rebuild your self-esteem

If your partner initiated the break-up, it’s normal to start picking apart your physical appearance and personality traits. Asking yourself questions like “what’s wrong with you?” Or “is it my fault?” The best way to rebuild your self-esteem is to reverse that thought process.

Write a list and think of traits that speak to your character; your emotional strengths and skillsets and other quality that has value in a relationship. Indulge your closest friends and family in rediscovering why you’re important to them.

Let go of the idea of “closure”

For many the desperate need for closure shadows the need to want to get back together with our heart breaker. Do not make that mistake. Reaal life doesn’t play out like a rom-com. If the other person isn’t able to articulate why they no longer want to be with you, tell yourself that the fact that your former partner couldn’t go the distance is all the explanation you need to properly close that chapter.

Try dating yourself

Sounds bizarre but it’s true. Start treating yourself the best way you can. Take yourself on dates or cook something exciting for yourself. You deserve all the love you can give. That’s simply self-care.

Don’t keep tabs on your ex

Please, for the love of St. Valentine, do not check in on your ex. Do a social media cleanse. Block them if need be. Enlist your friends to actively help you with this exercise.

Don’t hook up with your ex!

Yet another please, and this might seem obvious, but do not engage or i dulge your ex. They are your ex for a reason. It’s nearly impossible to sever the tie between you and your ex, we know. Especially, if you’re still physically connecting with them but do not fall into that pit. You’ll only sink. In fact, don’t date anyone for a while. Period! You don’t need to complicated your healing process.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to get over heartbreak. Build your self esteem, forget closure (it never helped anyone anyway), treat yourself, block and don’t hook up with your ex.

Think about adding productive activities to your lifestyle. Volunteering, working out or picking up a new hobby. These things may seem like distractions but their are positive ones that reduce stress and empower you mentally, physically and even spiritually.

Alternatively, you can purge those emotions but listening to this heartbreak playlist.





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