5 foods you need to try this Eid al Fitr

Barka da Sallah to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. Today is Eid al-Fitr; Feast of Breaking the Fast. It’s startling how the days seem to be moving fast. It feels like 1st April was just last week and now it’s the 3rd of May.

Either way, we aren’t complaining. This year has been rocky from the onset but we like to take time to smell the roses too. Speaking of smells, the aromas wafting from Eid celebrations has us prepared to storm our Muslim friends’ homes. Everyone knows Eid feasts are elite and usually include some choice favourite dishes.

If you’re a foodie like us then Eid is always a slice of heaven for you. Who no like better thing?

Here are 5 foods you need to try this Eid al-Fitr

1. Tuo Zaafi & Ayoyo Soup

Tuo zaafi and Ayoyo Soup

Don’t ask us how but Eid Tuo Zaafi and Ayoyo soup is unrivalled. Maybe it’s the excitement of the celebrations. Maybe it’s just because it’s a holiday but either way, Tuo zaafi during Eid slaps. Hard.

2. Shawarma (from a Turkish restaurant)

Turkish Shawarma

Yes, we had to qualify it. Not just any shawarma, my fellow foodies, but a Turkish one. Try it out and thank us later.

3. Sallah meat

Sallah meat

Sallah meat should be one of Ghana’s national treasures, along with shito and Kofi Brokeman. It is the OG meat dish for us. Sallah meat, usually chevon or beef, is fresh from the abattoir. And then when it’s marinated with local herb spices, the flavour alone will make you swoon. Whether fried, smoked or grilled, Sallah meat’s power cannot be understated. Dip it in a side of chilli powder pepper and you’ll feel the heat.

4. Hibiscus Leaves (Sobolo)

Hibiscus leaves AKA Sobolo

No, really. Sobolo. Look! You don’t want to sleep on this one. After downing some seared meat the best thing to do is down it with some sobolo. And Eid sobolo, brewed with the authentic Hausa culinary touch, will have you smacking your lips.

5. Goat Jollof

Goat Jollof

My brothers and sisters, this is what sets the table. The original finisher. Sallah Goat Jollof is prime. The flavours of pepper, tomatoes, basil, grains of selim (hwentia), rosemary and the Sallah meat all come together to form this special Eid treat.





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