5 Ghanaian funny and insulting phrases we had no business saying as kids

It is good to be young. No bills. No 8 to 5. Just school, friends and vibes. It’s great to be young. But sometimes being a kid can be complex and one face of that comes in the form of petty meanness.

Like when the Class Prefect that doesn’t like you writes your name in Names of Talkatives. With Double Punishment. When your only fault was to be sleeping in class. Needless wickedness.

We have been thinking about our elementary school years and remembered some of the most funny and out-of-pocket phrases we used. Thinking back on them now, we cannot help but laugh out loud.

Here are 5 Ghanaian funny and insulting phrases we said as kids

1. And? And so soak my gari for me.

Oh, but what kraa? What does gari soakings even have to do with it?

2. The impudence of a dying cockroach.

This usually followed a sizing so hard that their eyes would click in their sockets.

3. And so go and burn the sea.

This is like the hybrid of Talk-To-The-Hand and I don’t Care Pro Max.

4. Your face like monkey shadow.

Agoinsh raised to the power 10.

5. Who born you by mistake?

Uhm…my parents. Please…

6. And so? And so sobolo

Stonebwoy should’ve been there to come and remove his mouth for me.





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