5 Ghanaians share their worst relationship breakups.

From the look of things, people in happy 21st century relationships need to update their resumes with “Outstanding Emotional Intelligence” and “Can Work Under Pressure”. No cap. Relationships are work. The couple that wins together, smiles together. Inversely, the couple that fight each other, cry forever. That is until they decide to breakup. And breakups can be very ugly.

We spoke to 5 young Ghanaians about their relationship and their breakup experiences. Let’s just say lessons were learned.

Here’s what they shared:

Sena, 28/ Female/Banker – “We broke up because he failed to communicate that he wanted options.”

So apparently I was in an open relationship and I didn’t get the memo. I met my ex through an old school mate. He wasn’t the most talkative person but as I got to know more of him I realized his love language was money. In the beginning, we did small cafés or pubs. The he started taking me to high-end bistros for dates. Almost every weekend, and he’d let me choose the place. Consistently, for five weeks.

And then suddenly he started flaking. Always giving excuses about having to work extra on weekends. And then one Friday, our MD decided to take me (I work in my bank’s HQ) for dinner. Tell me why I caught my bf (now ex) all dressed u, on a date, at the restaurant? He didn’t see me at first. I texted him and he had the nerve to reply that he was still at work. I nearly made a scene. I texted back “Tyt, I’m having dinner with MD at so-so and so restaurant.”

This boy flipped and looked around the restaurant till he saw me. I waved back. Let’s say the relationship ended not long after. Apparently, he likes to date multiple people to check his options. And apparently, I like to date my MD for my promotion so there’s that.

Fidelis, 34/Male, DJ – “She never wanted to kiss me because she said I was a whore.”

I didn’t understand. I’m not ugly and I don’t have halitosis. I met this hot girl at a club event. One thing led to another and she ended up at my house. I won’t lie, it was a night to remember. The freakiest I have been with any woman. She stayed over for two more days. The chemistry was solid. We made it official two weeks later. After two months, she still wanted that same level of freakiness but would avoid kissing me. When I confronted her on it she said accused me of being too much of a whore. So now it is bad to want to please you? I didn’t even call it quits. I walked her out and blocked her number. A month later she’s dating a fraud boy that frequents the club I work at. I saw her kissing him in the lounge. Imagine.

Abigail, 24/female, Student – “He wanted to turn me into his ATM.”

I grew up with my grandmother so trust me when I say I know how to treat a guy right. I’ll cook. I’ll wash. I’ll help you with whatever I can. But I won’t be your sugar mommy! I’m only 24 for goodness sake. I met my ex in level 200. He was in 300; fit, bearded and 6’3. We vibing. He works out so you know he’s super fit. I found it more attractive. But one day, a few weeks into the relationship, he asked to borrow some money. I lent it to him. I had no intention of taking it back really. Then he asked a few days later. And then again. This boy was spending all that money on supplements and sports bet?! I walked away having lost close to 2k. I met his current girlfriend recently. He bought her a Fenty Skin 5-Piece essentials. It wasn’t wasn’t her birthday. I was livid.

Deangela, 29/female, Entrepreneur – “He was dating my cousin and me. And I wasn’t even the Main.”

Look, that breakup made me sick. I dated this boy for 4 months. Charming, fine-looking and stable job at Ghana Ports. You know yourself, if you see this. Our relationship wasn’t the best but it had a lot of good things going on. I invited him for a family barbeque. Cousin had graduated school. He said he couldn’t make it. Only for me to turn up at the BBQ and see my boyfriend literally helping my uncle grill the meat. We had a fight. Indoors. I was heated but couldn’t leave and neither did he. He and my cousin are currently engaged. I still feel sick about it.

Oppong, 35/Male, Photographer – “We broke up because she wanted us to open our relationship.”

When I was in my twenties, I won’t lie, I had a reputation. But now? Now, I’m growing and looking to settle. I met my ex in church! Of all places! I dated her because she came across as pious. It was a scam. A few weeks into the relationship, my ex started talking about group sex. She even wanted me to bring a friend in. When I told her I was offended she accused me of being too frigid and conservative for her. Eih, a whole me?! She actually broke up with me via text and then blocked me. I am still angry that I didn’t have the final word.

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