5 ideas for that Ghanaian coffee-coloured wardrobe

July 22, 2021

Brown-skin girls, cocoa-butter, oiled-up natural twists and Neo-Soul music playing in the back. Now that is a vibe all by itself. What’s missing here? A coffee-coloured wardrobd.

For all the minimalists sisters out there who dodge microtrends and stock up on only the essentials, this is just for you.  Earthy coloured palette are timeless and easily-stylable on melanated skin. They make a great silhouette and accentuate skin tone. If you are looking for something easy yet fashionable then this list of coffee-coloured ideas was made for you.

Here are 5 Easy ideas for that coffee-coloured wardrobe aesthetic.


1. Caramel Brown Pants



We start with composing a caramel brown trousers with a dark-toned shirt or blouse of your choice. A high-waisted pair of pants that fits you like a glove always does the job. This is a must need for your wardrobe. Look business, look chic as you go about your day.


2. Short Brown Tank Shirt


An elevated tank top with wide cut armholes (with side slits for extra flair) is simple yet stylish. You could pair these with denims and brown shoes or gladiator sandals.


3.  Cream deep neckline blouse


The cream of the crop indeed. A simple cream blouse with a plunging V-neckline paired with grey hot pants or loose cotton trousers is *chef’s kiss*. We encourage you accessorize your ears if you are rocking a low haircut.


 4. Cinnamon Brown Bra

You’ve gone to a beach party and your skin is slick from coconut oil. The perfect beachwear comes with a cinnamon brown bra. Blurring the lines between innerwear and clothing, a cinnamon bra with an olive or textile-print waistwrap taps right into the African nymph in you.  At a beach party we can totally imagine wearing this bra with high waisted hip-hugging pants. Give us all the skin you want to give.


5. Little Black Dress


We guess you like your coffee black just liks us. Every girl needs a dependable little black dress. A black dress with a flattering cut and simple design is essential for your wardrobe. It can either be a form-fitting black jumper or an above-knee long blouse. Either way slip on that black dress with some high-heels. It’s definitely so worth it.

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