5 intimate party ideas for you and yours

This pandemic has taught us many lessons. Social-distancing. Masking up. Sanitizing our hands after every encounter. All round personal hygiene. And the most important? Just how much we need to socialize and build relationships.

While we are grateful for the pros of technology, nothing beats a good laugh with your loved one(s). Covid has made most of us intentional with the relationships we sustain and those we abstain.

Speaking of relationships, celebrating big achievements like birthdays, wedding engagements or baby showers have become less of a fanfare. Sadly, most of us can’t go all out due to Covid protocols. Thus, our party themes focus on intimacy and functionality.

So less people, less gaudy decor (which cost a fortune by the ways) and less decadent buffets. This doesn’t mean your party needs to be sterile. Far from that. Now is the time to have yourself chic but minimal party- affordable yet exquisite.

Here are 5 intimate party ideas for you and yours. Some of these ideas work with a small budget, so keep reading!


1. Set a table out in your garden, and let fairy lights illuminate the evening


For an intimate dinner party, you really won’t need a massive dance floor or some over the top table setting. Keep it cute and cosy. Opt for a long picnic table in your garden. String fairy lights which go for less than GHS100 on here.  If your guest list is downwards of 30, this will be ideal! Fairy lights were strewn across garden shrubs or surrounding the table adds a surreal warm glow to the evening.


2. Give out useful and practical gifts


Maybe it’s an engagement you are having. Maybe it’s an outdooring. You want to give out gifts but you’re not in a position to be shelling out cash on expensive ones. Considering the times we think useful gift ideas like plant seedlings, fruit baskets, bottles of hand sanitizers, shea butter, coconut oil or a turmeric facial scrub all in Northern-made woven baskets will definitely suffice. You aren’t only encouraging a healthy diet but you are sourcing and promoting Made in Ghana products as well.


3. Ask your friends to pitch in.

Be it financially or with labour, get those friends involved in the creative and setting up process. Setting up the party together could work as more of a bonding exercise for you and your friends. Having the party attendees pitch in with refreshment or h’or dourves (small-chops) of their choice is also cost-effective. All in all, it imbues the celebration with so much more meaning.


4. Serve as the emcee.

“B-but…its my engagement!” But what? Given that you’ll be surrounded by your closest circles, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the reins and serving as the emcee for the night. You are after all part of the party and as such can take part in the party games. Be the host or hostess of your soiree. Hold the mic. Interact with everyone! By all means, be the center of your party!


5. Be each other’s photographer

Photographers are professional and their work is the closest thing to immortalising you in time. However, they do not come cheap and with the beauty of technology our smartphones can be our cameras too. Save up your cash and let you and your friends take the best shots of each other. I mean, it beats waiting days and sometimes weeks for your photos. One Airdrop or Xender click and you have party picture set on your phone. Voila!








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