5 makeup mistakes you may be making unawares

No doubt, love the skin you are in. And why shouldn’t you? The skin is arguably the largest human organ. It literally covers you everywhere. Peep how Sika Osei is wearing her make-up up top? Now, that’s a lady who knows how to serve face.

Most of us just wing it with either petroleum jelly or some cocoa butter but there are some things that could benefit our skin. Or rather things that we are are doing that aren’t helping us to have optimally glowing skin. This is for our ladies. Some of these points are targeted for dry, oily and combination skin types. Get this advice and upgrade your cosmetic skills.

Here are 5 makeup mistakes you may be making unawares.

1. Skipping highlighter

We start of with a point for those with dry skin. Highlighter on the top parts of your face evens skin tone. A powder or cream highlighter with a natural finish should easily do the trick.

2. Using too dark or too low brow products.

While a lot of our ladies like to pencil their eyebrows we cannot deny that too much of it makes it seem too cosmetic. It becomes either too thin, too dark or too light. We suggest playing with a shade that is only one shade lighter than your skin tone. You want those eyebrows to look sleek with a barely-there touch.

3. Choose eyeliner over eyeshadow.

Not all of the time but some of the time. Using eyeliner defines your eyes and gives a bit of that Asiatic-look. Be light with the eyeliner and target your upper lash. It’ll give your eyes that needed wide-awake look.

4. Overpowdering.

Powder is good for those with oily skin. That much we know but an excessive amount tends to make you look…campy. This is no circus and we aren’t in Marie Antoinette’s court. Focusing powder on the oiliest parts of your face works best than caking your whole face.

5. Wearing more than needed base make-up.

It’s always about the foundation. The foundation is what builds are strong house and this applies to looks too. Using too much accentuate’s your skin texture and you do not want or need that. Tinted moisturizers are better options. And if there’s a discoloration gap, you can easily daub it with a concealer and you are good to go.





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