5 positive tips to improving your child’s concentration and performance

According to SingleCare, close to 970 million of the world’s population face mental or substance use disorders. That’s a whopping 13%! Excuse the word, but that statistic is absolutely mental.

As parents, many of us want what’s best for our kids. Sometimes, it can come of being excessive and even obsessive how parents push their kids. After all, we all want to reinforce positive productivity in our children.

Especially in this age of social media where anxiety and the pressure’s of being young and successful are visited on Millenials and Generation Z-ers almost every second on social media. It is a tough world out there and it is only right as a parent to prepare your children for the “real world”. The endgame is to want and need the kids to be alright. In the same vein, you do not want to cause or escarsibate any mental and emotional stress in your children. They get bombarded with that already out there.

So we decided to share 5 tips to improving your child’s concentration and performance (without the added pressures of stress, of course).

Read them below:

1. Positive Parenting.

It may seem like it goes without saying but a lot of parents miss out on this with their children. Encouraging and motivating kids, no matter their underperformance be it in academics or what have you, goes a long way. This reinforces their concentration which in turn leads to a sharpened performance in whatever avenue they find themselves in. In the same way, Negative Reinforcement will impact the child’s concentration and confidence negatively.

2. Healthy Breakfast.

Good food is a must for growing children. It gets the children to have a balanced weight, aids in developing their cognitive skills and impacts impacts behaviour. A healthy balanced diet is a great start for a child’s brilliant performance.

3. Music.

Research shows that music helps children concentrate. Children who played an instrument were studied to have better mental impressions and emotional expressions.

4. Encourage a passion your child enjoys.

We cannot say this hard enough. Talents are sometimes innate and some are cultivated. Encourage your children’s passions and talents and watch them become the best among the best in it.

5. Joint Attention.

Doing activities together with your children is a great way to not only bond with them but also build their concentration and performance. It could be a game of table tennis, playing ludo, reading a book aloud or even colouring picture books together.





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