5 protective styles for your natural hair this Harmattan season

The harmattan effect can be brutal. It dries moisture out of everything, from your hair to your skin. Your hair needs much attention as your skin does. If you leave your hair unattended, it gets dry and breaks off. You’re trying to get some growth so losing your hair should not happen.

Dealing with natural hair can be very tiresome. It’s hard keeping it moisturized always and the harmattan season is when you are likely to experience hair breakage if you do not have your hair in protective styles. Try these five protective styles to help keep your hair healthy.

Faux locs
Faux locs has become one of the most popular protective styles. It can be braided long or short. They retain hair growth and are trendy.

Chloe and Halle in faux locs

Crochet hairstyles
One of the ways to rock a protective style is with a crochet hairstyle. It can be worn straight, twisted, curly or braided and can last for two months if cared for properly.

crochet styles

This African hairstyle helps the hair grow. This style ensures minimal hair damage and can be used for at most a month.

thread braids styles

Wig caps
Cover your hair with a wig cap and have the option of taking it off at home this style protects your hair underneath from the harsh weather.

frontal wig cap

Mini cornrows
Wearing cornrows protect your hair from the dry weather. It is easier moisturizing your hair and scalp with this hairstyle. There are various cornrow styles to choose from.

Yara in cornrows





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