5 reasons why Ghana Jollof is better than Naija Jollof

It’s World Jollof Day today the 21st of August and we can’t help but celebrate the goodness and supremacy that is Ghana Jollof. Oh yes, we’re Ghanaian patriots and we don’t care about mincing words about it. Ghana Jollof rice is the OG. Period.

Even the diplomats agree. See?

What’s Jollof?

Jollof is a West African dish made of rice, tomatoes and spice. It is a staple dish for family gatherings and special occasions. At its base, jollof is a rice meal stewed in tomatoes sauce spiked with garlic, ginger, onions, rosemary, curry and seasoning cubes. The dish’s preparation varies across West African countries and that’s why it’s taste is particular to each country.

Ghana jollof

The indefatigable war to determine which country’s Jollof is better may probably last for another few centuries but we all know (yes, our Nigerian brethren included) that Ghana Jollof is elite.

We’ll tell you why below.

1. Ghana Jollof is stewed with well-seasoned meat broth.

When Ghanaians make jollof we recognize the importance of a flavourful meat stock. We love spice! Whether beef, poultry or chevron, or even wele the broth used to make Ghana Jollof is spiced with local aromatic spices that rapture the best taste any gourmand can imagine. Speak to your Ghanaian mothers and old wives. We season the meat the right way.

2. Ghana Jollof doesn’t limit itself to only long-grained rice.

Unlike our Naija brothers and sisters, Ghana Jollof doesn’t box itself into using only one type of rice. We go versatile with the rice we use. Basmati, long-grained, broken or sticky rice? Whatever the type, you can be assured of a stellar Ghanaian taste.

3. Ghanaians make Funeral Jollof

If you haven’t tasted Funeral jollof have you even tasted real jollof? Jollof cooked over firewood or coal with that smoky aroma seething out of every single grain is a savoury must-taste. Sorry, not sorry, but nobody does Funeral jollof better than us. Even the dead may very well testify. P.S: it’s not authentic Funeral Jollof it’s not cooked in a cauldron over charcoal.

4. Ghana Jollof is easy to cook.

Our Naija kindred can yarn all they want but Ghana Jollof is the easier of the two when it comes to preparation. Who wants stress in the kitchen when making a masterpiece? All you need to do is prepare your tomatoes sauce and your meat stock and you’re more than half way done with your Ghana Jollof. Naija jollof, however, is an entire chore to prepare. I’ll pass on that stress. Medaase.

5. Ghana Jollof uses more tomatoes, onions and peppers.

Babes, have you checked the Ghana jollof recipe? Ghana Jollof understands that flavour is key. Tomatoes and onions are a Ghanaian favourite. Ghana Jollof’s extra helping of tomatoes and onions culminate in a fantabulously flavourful meal that Naija jollof can only hope to achieve. I mean come on, more tomatoes, onions and peppers easily mean more flavour. That’s enough of an answer.

Bottom line: Ghana Jollof stands tall at the top of the jollof Pyramid. We leave our African Giant siblings to take hold of literature and the performing arts on the continent and beyond but no, not jollof. Ghana Jollof reigns supreme and that’s just that. Now, I’m even craving Wele Jollof.





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