5 signs that he is marriage material

Congratutions to the charming Sika Osei. Would you look at that? Isn’t that just beautiful? She just got engaged and that picture is brimming with all that love. We love to see it.

Most of us settle when it comes to a lot of things in life. Our careers, our dreams, our expectations and sometimes our relationships.

Settling when it comes to love is definitely not A-OKAY. More often than not it leads to underlying issues simmering till they erupt and boil over.

Love is supposed to make the mediocre parts of our lives special and exciting. It’s supposed to be the most mind-blowing and life-changing feeling.

More often than not it’s that kind of love that leads to marriage. But sometimes you get doubts and wonder…is he the one? Do I want to marry him?

I mean, if you have to ask yourself this then that in itself is a red flag. However, there are some positive signs that can help you along your decision before your Prince Charming chooses to propose. Sometimes we overlook these things. But a few signs will let you know if your love is true.

Here are 5 easy signs to show you that your man is marriage material.

He encourages you to set goals and follow them.

A man- any man that does this has his woman’s best interest at heart. To grow and to build together is the mainstay of a relationship. Be it career-wise or even just intellectual, mental, physical or emotionally. You need a man that’ll hold you down as you hold him too.

He randomly checks in on you when he hasn’t heard from you.

Seems easy enough, this point, no? It would surprise you that some relationships lack such communication. In this digital age your man cannot have any excuses for not checking in. A text, a call, a voice note or video call are options available to budding lovebirds. Please, date a man who reaches out to you just because.

He desires you.

Oh, the Iove is the foundation but desire are the walls and roof. Your man must what? He must WANT you! You want the random texts of “I can’t stop thinking about you” in the middle of the day kind of passion. Someone who kisses you in the morning, holds you when you need to be held and respects your body enough to satisfy you sexually is a must. An absolute MUST in the list for husband material. Passion is necessary.

If he’s a planner.

Ladies, you want a man who is organized for the most part. He has goals. He has dreams. He has aspirations. And he intends to have you in them? Please, that is a man worth considering. You can tell this is a man to whom you can support and he will support back and together you can advance to the next level. Marry a planner. Just saying, some of these guys are so blasé that they forget their own birthdays.

If he challenges you with emotional intelligence.

Challenges you + emotional intelligence = peace and mutual understanding. A man who knows how to articulate your shortfalls without looking to hurt you but rather inspire betterment in you is definitely husband material. Being blunt or abrasive is immature and does nothing but disregard feelings. And respecting feelings are a sure way to progress in relationship. If he challenges you to be better while communicating his message with a Do-No-Harm approach then yes, my dear. Yes, he is worth marrying. Oya! Go husband that brother like yesterday.





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