5 signs that your body is nutrient deficient

Our bodies need vital nutrients in order to function. Some of these nutrients we get from food and some from our environment. For example, a walk in the early morning is a great way to soak some Vitamin D.

It is easy, living the fast-paced lifestyle most of us live nowadays, to forget that our bodies need these nutrients. We move so much on autopilot that we lose track of what we are eating, how we are eating and sometimes when we are eating.

The good things about our biology is that we give off signals. Yes, our bodies communicate to us. Sometimes down to the most minute detail of what we need. You may think these are regular but they are in fact telltale signs that your body is deficient of certain nutrients.

The cause? Mal-absorption from your liver or an imbalanced diet.

Here are 5 signs that your body is nutrient deficient.

1. White specs on your nails.

When you see white specs or dots on your nails it means you are lacking Zinc as a result of consuming too much sugar. This can easily be rectified by cutting down on sugar or taking zinc tablets.

2. Cracked heels.

This is a deficieny of Vitamin B2. Milk, yogurts, liver and eggs are rich sources of vitamin B2. Taking Vitamin , as well, should lead to the production of microbes in the body that produce vitamin B2. Taking sometime out in the sun would be a great way to stave off cracked heels.

3. Yellow eyes.

This is a jaundice situation that requires bile salts. These would help open up cholestrol clogged blood vessels for the free elimination of the by product of red blood cells which are the primary causing factor for jaundice.

4. Chronic Cough.

Okay, now this one would surprise you but this is usually connected to a lack of calcium. Calcium improves the immune system and relaxes the throat and the larynx. We encourage you look for calcium lactate and not calcium carbonate.

5. Bleeding Gums.

Bleeding gums is a classic vitamin C deficiency. If left untreated it could progress into scurvy or an infected gum. You do not want to look down at your toothbrush bristles and see red. Kindly take your Vitamin C and your citrus fruits. Oranges, grapefruit and pineapples are a great way to keep your body in optimum shape.





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