5 Signs you’re in a toxic relationship and need to let go

Every relationship has its flaws but mutual respect and trust are very important for relationships to work.

Many people have different reasons for staying in a toxic relationship but trauma is real and very difficult to get rid of if you don’t see a therapist or someone that could help. Some people stay for their children, others stay cause they do not want to be stigmatized by society and others stay hoping their partner will change.

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Don’t wait for change; run if things don’t feel right. Don’t wait to hope they will change, gather the courage and walk out. You’re stronger than you think.

Most times people don’t even recognize that they are in a toxic relationship. These are the signs you can’t miss:

Belittling and dismissiveness

If your partner constantly shouts at you using harsh words and insults, this is the oldest tale sign of a toxic relationship. If you’re constantly humiliated by your partner in public, it’s time to get packing. You do not want to be hearing things like “ you should be glad I’m dating you” or “shut up, no one wants to hear that nonsense”, these are huge red flags, give your best walk and say bye Felicia to that coward.

Isolation and manipulation

You do not want to be with an insecure partner. It is emotionally draining and you do not need that now. You do not ditch your friends because you’re in love. If they try to separate you from your friends, it’s a big red banner right in your face. Don’t fool yourself, they’re not being clingy, they’re being insecure and selfish. It gets worse if they start to badmouth your family and friends, you deserve better.

No blessings from friends and family

Your friends and family usually want what’s best for you. If they tell you you are in a toxic relationship, it is usually true. They observe things from a different lens, if they do not support your relationship, it’s an indicator that your partner isn’t good for you.


They use sarcasm and say you’re overreacting if you tell them you do not like how they spoke. On the surface, it may seem harmless and may be brushed off as teasing. If it is frequent, it becomes a problem. They should know who to stop joking and take you seriously. If your partner refuses to grow, it’s not time to babysit, it’s time to leave.

Physical abuse

I do not want to hear “he is disciplining me because I misbehaved”, it is never right to raise your hand on someone. If your partner attempts to or actually lays a hand on you, the police are your friend.


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