5 simple things you should never do at an interview

Who does not like the sound of a credit alert? I know, I do. Looking to employment? Applied for a job and need help selling yourself at the interview stage? Then this one is just for you.

Writing a stellar resumé and a cover letter could get you to interview for your dream job but now it’s time to market yourself. Yes, mouths need to be fed and bank accounts credited.

Interviews can be harrowing sometimes but confidence is key. Dressing appropriately even more so. You may not like to hear this but yes we live in a superficial society- looks usually trump substance. And while it is normal to be nervous about an interview what does not work is not being prepared to ace it.

We know the things we need to do before going for a job interview. Look clean and good, carry the appropriate materials, know your CV like the lines of your palm, the usual yada yada yada. How about thing NOT to do?

Yes, because there are things you should never EVER do at an interview. You probably didn’t know this, right?

Well, here we go.

Here are 5 simple things you never do at an interview.

1. Not Being Punctual

NEVER EVER go to an interview late. Please, be there an hour before time if possible. Wake up early and board that transit troski if you know you live far from the interview venue. If matters beyond your control demand it then be sure to communicate promptly to the interviewer about your tardiness and add the ample reason(s).

2. Poor Body Language.

You may not know this but everything is under observation at an interview. From your hair, your diction and even your body language. It’s an interview, smile, maintain eye contact and be cheerful. Fake it if you have to but be confident in your posture and delivery.

3. Do NOT speak ill of your previous employers.

Look, Ghana is a small country; way smaller than you think. People know people who know people. You could have gone through the 10 plagues at your former workplace but it is very inappropriate to speak ill of it at an interview. It shows you lack discretion. You can highlight aspects of your previous job that were not conducive for you but be professional and avoid using negatives. Instead of saying ‘that boss wasted my time‘ say ‘I felt underutilized at my previous place of employment‘. Learn the language and diction of professionals.

4. Interrupting your interviewer.

This is a big no-no! Interviews are already nerve-wracking and an interviewer may inspire you to say more about yourself which will make you overly enthusiastic. It is important that you do not interrupt your interviewer and consider whatever he/she says as advice with an affirmative or a ‘thank you’. Also, listen to the questions asked. Take your time to answer them and ask questions as well. It shows that you are not only particular but also an engaging prospect.

5. Being on your phone.

We won’t say much here. Just kindly turn off your phone the moment the interview starts.  At least, put it on vibrate. You can return calls, mails and texts after the interview. Whatever else is out there can wait till you are done. Thank you very much.

In the end, realize that you are a smart and capable person with a skillset that the world needs. If you weren’t a prospect you wouldn’t have gotten the interview call.

Dress appropriately, do a thorough research on the institution you are hoping to be employed in and always be confident. First you don’t succeed, you try again. And just in case you do get the job know this and know peace: *whispers* likeable people move up the professional ladder faster than anyone else. Just saying *shrug*.

Happy job hunting.





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