5 subtle signs to know your relationship cast

All is well in love and war. Don’t ask me. Ask Shakespeare or any other heartbroken romantic. Dating has it’s up and downs. When it’s good? It is absolutely butterflies-in-the-belly, head-in-the-clouds, love-is-blind is good. When it’s not? Well, cue Brick and Lace’s Love is Wicked.

Now, knowing when to notice the signs when a relationship has run it’s course can be a bit hard to see. Especially when you’re living it. They don’t say love is blind for nothing.

You want to know how to tell if your relationship is way past the rocks and crashing into the red-light lighthouse?

Here are 5 subtle signs to know your relationship cast.

He/she leaves you on read. Occasionally!

Oh yes, this is one sign that a lot of us let fly. It is one thing for your significant other to be too busy to respond immediately to your texts. We get it. We all chasing l’argent. But to read your texts and not respond? My dear, this is a tell-tale sign.

He/she avoids meet-ups and dates.

“Oh, babe, sorry. I’m busy right now. Can we do this later?” Busy for the umpteenth time. Guy, they didn’t even tell you when next they’ll be buried. Simply ended the excuse with a to be continued. Please, you already know what time it is.

You are never posted on their socials. Even on your birthday!

The heading already explains itself. If you are dating someone who can post detail and update of their lives. Even when their alma mater (which they left over a decade ago) wins NSMQ and they cannot post you on your b’day then…you already know.

You do not know their friends.

This is in fact quite worrying. Some people need time to decide if they are ready enough to let you meet their pose. That is understandable. The grace period can be between 3-5 months. But if after the 6th month you do not know your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends then it is safe to say…you aren’t even the main. It’s either that or your bae is living a serial double life like Dexter. Either way don’t get your heart killed.

When he/she says you need to go on a break.

A break from what? From seeing each other? From texting each other? From vibing? How do you take a break from someone you like? Personal space is very much needed. That should be respected. But to go on an extensive period without any contact in the form of a break is a myth packaged, wrapped in a bough and sold by Hollywood. Beloved, you are on a break indeed. From getting back together that is!

So there you have. 5 subtle signs to know your relationship cast. Are you experiencing this in your relationship? Interrogate it and see. Or better yet, advice yourself.


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