5 super easy and quick headwrap styles that are bound to keep your hair protected: Inspired by Kiitan Akinniranye

Are your braids too old? Is it impossible to see the box in your box braid? Do you still want to keep your protective style in to save money or simply not have to deal with your hair? You came to the right place.

Kiitan Akinniranye, also known as Kiitan, is a travel and lifestyle blogger located in Los Angeles who was born in Nigeria and reared in Atlanta.

Kiitan began her career as an influencer in college when she started a blog as a creative outlet to cope with stress while studying for the MCAT.

She discovered her creative outlet had become a good space for young women to connect after sharing her personal hair experience, opening up about her skin insecurities, and revealing her fears about medical school, which gave her the strength to pursue blogging full-time.

Kiitan is now the founder of Atarah Avenue, a headwrap brand that purchases fabrics from local businesses.

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We love Kiitan for so many things and pulling off African print scarfs is one of them. There are the top 5 headwraps styles that have us reeling over as well as a mini tutorial on how to headwrap like a pro

The Full Wrap
The Crater Wrap
The double twist turban
The Front Bun

Get the look:





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