5 things Ghanaians wish were free

Who doesn’t like free things? I know I definitely do and so do most Ghanaians. Ghanaians love free stuff. Free food, free loading, free from stress. Freedom!

It’s even in our coat of arms. Look!

We absolutely love it. And while justice may be delayed in a lot of Ghanaian matters (please don’t let me do a roll call) we cannot deny that we get to relish some nice free things.

Here are 5 things Ghanaians can all agree that they wish were free.

1. Free data

With the impending doom of the E-levy, our love for free data is at an all-time high. These Telcos too aren’t dashing us data like before. The solution? We encourage you to etch your roommate’s hotspot password to memory. That or buy mosquitoe repellant. You’ll need it for when you go and pirate movies from public WiFi at night.

2. Free electricity

More power, more vim! Who wants to be still paying ECG in this economy?

3. Free food

What is more important to you? Your mental health? No, it is food. Trust me, lack of the latter will make your depression worse. Plus now that waakye sellers aren’t serving 3 cedis again, this is the best time to become a Professional Longerthroat.

4. Free fuel

If not for our cars, at least we can barter trade it with the Trotro driver. Na lie? But on a real litre is now more than 10 cedis. Pains.

5. Free money

There is no greater sound like the notification of credit hitting your momo wallet. Oya, let me run to the vendor and redraw my free coins. It’s not my fault you didn’t do due diligence before sending your money to a stranger.





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