5 things parents can look forward to now that kids are going back to school

Let’s not lie to ourselves. A part of us gave out a sigh of relief this week when we dropped the kids off at school.

We love our little miracles but sometimes (most of the time, for me) we want some Me Time. It is hard as is having to check our bank balance after paying school fees, or cry at our fuel gauge after every drop-off and pick-up or… You get the drift.

Needless to say there are some few pros to the kids going back to school. Here are 5 of them.

1. Uninterrupted afternoon naps.

Guy, no one tells you how sweet and soothing and all the positive adjectives in the Dictionary that afternoon naps are. Especially when they are uninterrupted by children causing a racket with playing Police and Thief. I know I appreciate this.

2. The chance to read a book (in peace).

For the first time in a long while, you can get around to reading that copy of 50 Shades that you promised yourself three New Year resolutions ago. The kids are gone and now you have peace and quiet.

3. Finally finish all 5 seasons of Money Heist.

Look, you owe it to yourself to finish what you started. Now, you can Netflix binge without someone yarning about PJ Masks and Sophia.

4. Taking up a hobby.

Did you want to try your hands at baking? Or learning forex (because tweeps won’t let our feed rest)? Or seeing how many bottles of red wine you can finish in a day? Well, now is your chance. You have from 9am to 3pm to get around to bettering yourself.

5. You can Afternoon Delight yourself in peace.

You haven’t learnt your lesson yet with dealing with the mini versions of you. You want to bring another one- a 2.0 beta version yet again, right? Well, now you have the time. Enjoy your afternoons the adult way with the intimate company of your significant other. After all, you’ll only be able to enjoy it until the next nine months brings the fruit of your works. Enjoy am.





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