5 things to do when visiting the Garden City

Ever wondered where RnB legend Ashanti got her name from? Look no farther.

Whether you’re out for history, looking for culture or all you really care for is a golden blast of an experience, we’ve got you covered.

Kumasi is Ghana’s Garden City. Teeming with green vegetation, commerce and a rich tradition, the city is the capital of the Ashanti Region. Ashanti Region? That sounds…familiar, no? Well, it should to you.

The region is named after Asanteman, an Akan people whose history is resplendent as the great and golden empire of pre-colonial present-day Ghana.

Kumasi is home to many of Ghana’s greats both in legend and in history. But today isn’t a history lesson. It’s a tourist one.

Want something exciting to do on your next vacation? Yet to travel even once out of Accra? This is easily for you. The city has some of the most beautiful trees you could easily imagine. Take a stroll through Stadium Road after a rainy day and breathe the tranquillity.

Less than an hour’s flight from Accra, Ghana’s capital, we encourage you immerse yourself in Kumasi’s culture and beauty with these 5 things here. Book a flight here.

Here are 5 things to do when visiting the Garden City.

Manhyia Museum

History and culture are enshrined in this place. A visit to the Manhyia Museum is not only eye-opening but also a lesson in the custom and way life of the Asantes both pre and post-colonial Gold Coast and even down to Ghana’s post-independence. Plus, it’s a fun trip for you and the family.

Komfo Anokye’s Sword

Ghana’s very own Merlin, Komfo Anokye is that enigma whose feats are the stuff of myth and legend. The story goes that Komfo Anokye the fetish priest helped Osei Tutu the First to found the Asante kingdom by summoning the Golden Stool, the spirit of the Asantes made manifest, from the skies. Well, we don’t know much about sky-falling furniture but we do know about the sword that still sits hard in the earth. It is said Komfo Anokye placed it there and enchanted it so that nobody could ever pull it out of the ground. Cordoned, a trip to the the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital will lead you to the site of the Sword That Can’t Be Moved.

Lake Bosomtwe

Situated within an ancient impact crater, Lake Bosomtwe is Ghana’s only natural lake. This popular recreational site allows for not just swimming but other fun activities. Hiking on the hills around the lake, cruising on motorboats and rowing canoes are among a few. Plus, the Green Ranch which isn’t far from the lake is a paradise stabled with thoroughbreds for riding.

1999 Lounge

This themed dining experience inside the Kumasi City Mall is a return to the soul and fun of Ghana’s 90s. Enjoy good music and a food experience flavoured with nostalgia.

Bar Nas

The trip is almost done and you need to wrap it up with a bough and a good time. Catch a vibe at Bar Nas. The atmosphere is chill, the DJ knows his tunes and the people here have no hang-ups about dancing their hearts out. Make your trip to Kumasi a memorable one with a party night at Bar Nas.





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