5 things we think Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is going to do now that he’s stepped down

Twitter CEO and starter Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from Twitter on Twitter today the 29th of November, 2021. In a candid post Jack shared his resignation mail.

Parag Agrawal the current CTO is set to fill the boots of the Jack as the next Chief Executive Officer of Twitter.

While we will miss Jack and his seemingly shady tweets to critics, we recognize that there are other prospects for the micro-blogging platform creator.

Here are 5 things we think Twittwr CEO Jack Dorsey can do now that he’s stepped down.

1. Become Beardgang’s CEO

We respect Jack’s perseverance. The man has been growing that hirsute beard of his lately and we are all for it. We believe Jack should make the migration as the official CEO of beardgang with that Father Christmas hair on his face.

2. Open an assisted-living home.

It’s no news that Jack is a Mama’s Boy. In our experience Mama’s Boys tend to be sharks. It is only fitting that Jack does the needful and opens an assisted-living for old and disabled persons. I suddenly feel like I’m over 80 and need all the assistance I can get.

3. Settle Twitter beef.

Even though the king has left the throne we all know that his wisdom can never be disregarded. So we nominate Baba Jack as Twitter Beef Settler-in-Chief. Finito.

4. Twitter Truth Finder

Yes, because people like lying too much on Twitter. We nominate Jack as our official Twitter Truth Finder. So all those people giving pressure and agenda, Jack should do the needful.

5. Live his best life.

Honestly, Jack deserves the break. The man created a platform that has revolutionarised what it means to use social media. He deserves all his laurels, his retirement and more.

We wish nothing but the best for Jack Dorsey and his next endeavours. Somehow, we sense those endeavours are in bitcoin.





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