5 types of teachers every Ghanaian secondary school had.

For many of us in Ghana, Secondary School is where we build some of our life-lasting friendships and memories.

Rising bell at 4am with a bucket of Ice-Age-cold water waiting to wake you up proper. Dining hall antics. Young love by mailing letters to that sweetheart you met at Interco last term. And if you were adventurous, like I was, breaking bounds to skip into town. Ah, memories.

Speaking of memories, how can we possibly forget our teachers? The ones who made our days in school unforgettable. Senior High gave us some of the most iconic educators we ever had. The funny thing is almost every school had these types of teachers.

Here’s our roll call appreciation.

5 types of teachers every Ghanaian secondary school.

1. The In-My-Day Teacher

These teachers never passed the chance to compare the current generation to their generation. “In my day you could never wear this canvas to class” or “Your skirt could not be above the knee during my time”, yen yen yen. As if their generation did not have hold-my-things-and-leave-my-legs.

2. The Auntie/Uncle Teacher

This teacher is usually a friend of the family and will hover your every move. From dining, to class, to extra studies, to prep to even Lights Out. They will always be there to watch your every move like Big Brother. They good part? You get special treatment and get to eat home-cooked meals at their bungalow.

3. The Highlander Teacher A.K.A The Booklong Teacher

This teacher soaks canes in water. Corporal Punishment is their middle name. You think you can breaks rules and regulations and go scot free? They prowl the corridors, classrooms and halls. If anyone misbehaves they’ll remember why the Highlander Teacher is a legend. His English too tends to be not-not. Probably its because they are usually Maths or French teachers.

4. The Guy-Guy teacher.

He is the school’s favourite. He’s young, good-looking and dresses well. He speaks well and knows how to appeal to the students better. Plus, he always knows all the new songs and their lyrics. He may even jam with you during jams.

5. The Mother Hen Teacher

This teacher is the kind you never forget even after you finish your graduate studies and are old and grey in your respective profession. Their counsel, their care and their mentorship is a service that can never compare. They advise you on morals, life lessons and even what courses study once you enter tertiary education. They really care, and that’s rare.





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