5 unbelievable reasons why Ghanaians have trust issues

Trust plus Ghanaians? That equation is just a bit off. It’s not really our fault, people be lying and stuff and we are Ghanaians and we take things to heart so can you really blame us? It’s what helps us to not get scammed like you lot. But hey, we’re not justifying it.

Does your Ghanaian s/o or friend second guess whatever you say? It’s their second nature. Scroll on to find out the most unbelievable reasons why every Ghanaian you meet has trust issues.

Meat Pie Sellers

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Yes, we chose violence. Meat Pie sellers just be selling you hopes and dreams of meat or at least fish-filled delicacy, only for you to bite into your pie to find out that its filled with vibes and Inshallah. Honestly, until they do better, we can’t.

Mothers telling you to go get dressed and dissapearing before you’re done

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The gifts that keep on giving. Remember when your mom used to tell you to go get ready and that she’s waiting for you by the door? But you get to the door and she’s long gone. That’s where it all started. That is the root of our trust issues.

Mobile Money scammers

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Sister nieeee ooo L3nden! We have had enough. Don’t just do better people, be better.


‘All heads on the table’ is just a phrase that gives any Ghanaian PTSD. Not knowing when the cane is going to make friends with your back? Enough for Ghanaians to always be on the watch out.

Is it Danish cookies or sewing supplies?

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Having to play roulette with whether the ice cream container actually contains ice cream or the leftover soup from the day before was the struggle. I mean it could be cookies in the Swedish cookies container but it could also be your mother’s sewing supplies.





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