5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that’ll make him fall in love all over again.

It feels like it was just yesterday we were chiming in the new year. Time sure does fly past fast. Especially when you are having a great time. Either way, we aren’t complaining.

It’s officially the month of love. Sweet nothing posts on WhatsApp statuses, artisinal chocolate boxes, perfumes in red gift bags; these are a few of our favourite Valentine things.

Speaking of gifts the men say they are fed up with boxer shorts and singlets. They want it thoughtful and intentional. You may ask, just what do these men want. We’ll tell you.

Here are our top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts ideas that’ll make him fall in love with you all over again. And they are affordable too.

1. Beard grooming set


If your man likes to grow it out like most men like to do nowadays then this is easily one of the best ways to express your love for him. Get him a grooming set complete with beard roller and beard growth oils to get that bush healthy and even. He’ll fall all over himself for you.

2. Trainers.

There’s this old myth that when you buy footwear for someone you care about they will walk right out of you life. Well, we beg to differ. Your guy will run to you like Whitney Houston on some Usain bolt energy. Get your sweetheart a nice new pair of sneakers. Worried where to look? Well, Decathlon is a great place to start looking for sporty trainers.

3. Vintage T shirts.

We said shirts, plural, because we meant it. Not one. Not even two. They don’t say good things come in threes for nothing. Vintage T-shirts are so in style right now like they never ever always were. Get your man some nice pieces with some nice designs. He’ll trust your fashion sense and keen eye. Plus, he’ll look well in them before you guys link up for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

4. An IV Therapy treatment

It is not as scary as it sounds. And yes, IV Therapy is gradually becoming commonplace in Ghana but not fast enough yet. So it’ll definitely come off as a gem of a gift. Have your sweetheart hooked into a therapy session with vitamins, collagen treatment and all the essentials that his stressful work makes him miss out in diet.

5. A getaway picnic trip.

Maybe we’ve said this once too many but an experience like this is always welcome. You say you want to show your boo levels, right? Take him on a well-rounded trip and he’ll be falling over himself for you. Please, no excuses, there are no tollbooths. Aburi is right here and the view at night is absolutely magical this time of year (especially when sipping dome wine). Bottomline? Yes, the men too want Intentional Ladies. So do the needful.





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