6 classic movies that every Ghanaian needs to watch

The Golden Age of Ghanaian cinema was one of the best times to be alive. Through the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, the Ghanaian film industry produced some of the most thought-provoking, rib-cracking and savage movies.

I mean, look at this iconic scene from Princess Tyra.

Princess Tyra – Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah.

Ghanaian classic movies had stories that tackled unrequited love, social class and even men who turned into snakes. The last one apparently was a metaphorical warning to women in sex work about how some men were snakes. Sometimes literally.

We’ve been looking back towards the Ghana classic movie reel and had to share a bit of what we’ve rediscovered. If you haven’t seen them, then you certainly have to now.

Here are 6 classic movies that every Ghanaian needs to watch.

1. Diabolo (1992)

Diabolo – Ghanaian movie

Na wo y3 owo?! In 1992, Ebkans Productions released one of Ghana’s most iconic horror films. Perhaps, of all time. Diabolo told the story of a man who wooed women, specifically prostitutes, turned into a snake, sexually assaulted them and made them vomit cedi bank notes. It was a hyperbolic way of highlighting the dangers of sex work but no one cares. Diabolo was an instant classic.
With a strong cast which included Rev. Eddie Coffie, Eunice Banini and Prince Yawson known as “Waakye”, Diabolo sits as Ghana’s top classic movie.

2. Princess Tyra

Princess Tyra – Kalsoum Sinare and Jackie Appiah

This 2007 star-studded movie had Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker and movie legends Rama Brew and Kalsoum Sinare. The story was quite simple but the drama was anything. Princess Tyra (Yvonne Nelson) has been betrothed to Prince Kay (Van Vicker) but he has eyes for his servant (Jackie Appiah). This is certainly one of Ghana’s classics. Plus, if you ever wanted to watch a movie with a script which reads like the Shaderoom comments then this is just for you.

3. A Stab in the Dark

A Stab in the Dark poster

In 1999, filmmaker Veronica Quashie gave us the ultimate betrayal movie in the reel of A Stab in the Dark. It won Best Film at the Ghana Movie Awards in 2000 and was a National financial success.

The plot? A lady played by Edinam Atatsi is betrayed when her best friend played by Pascaline Edwards, starts a relationship with her father after the family helps her by taking her in.

4. Beyonce: The President’s Daughter

Nadia Buari in Beyoncé: The President’s Daughter

Beyoncé (Nadia Buari) the president’s daughter meets Raj (Van Vicker) at the Super Market and falls head over heels for him. Unfortunately, for her Raj is engaged to Ciara (Jackie Appiah) who found him near death and took him to the nearest hospital. Beyoncé uses her influence and insidious plans to win him over.

The cinematic gymnastics this movie takes will have you rolling in laughter along with it. An instant classic.

5. Marijata

1990s Poster for Marijata

This Harry Laud Production movie starred Araba Stamp, Bob Santo, Judas and Harry Laud himself. The plot followed a lady monster unaware of its own nature who was on a killing spree in Accra. It was gratuitous and had the legendary comedy duo from Concert Party Bob Santo and Judas. An instant recipe for success.

6. Matters of the Heart (Nico and Sekina)

Ghana’s very own Romeo and Juliet. If you were born in the 90s you will definitely remember this classic. The theme song was so catchy and even became the title of the movie for most Ghanaians. The movie follows two love birds and how their family’s disapproval of their relationship brings them nothing but pain. This classic was produced by Great Idikoko Productions.





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