6 differences between baby girls and boys


Ever been curious about the behavior of a little one or wondered how your babies were going to turn out depending on their gender? Well, babies tend to act the same, there are a few significant differences though. Most of the differences are as a result of experiences rather than gender.

twin sister and brother

Babies do not know the difference between girl and boy toys.
Baby boys can play with dolls if it is given to them and baby girls can equally love their truck toys. Girls are however open with their toy choices as they grow, it is common to see a girl love both dolls and trucks. Boys however are usually stuck with sticking with stereotypical stuff. There is nothing wrong with your baby boy wanting a toy kitchen set.

boy playing with doll

Baby girls do a better job figuring out how people feel just by looking at facial expressions.

They tend to look at faces a lot than baby boys who prefer phones. This behavior can be seen when they are older, girls tend to express feelings a lot whilst boys are encouraged to hide emotions.

baby girl smiling at mom

Physical activity differences start in the womb.
Girls are calm and boys are big wigglers. When it is time to play, you see boys run and jump more than girls.

baby in womb

According to scientists, boys are usually physically aggressive than girls because of prenatal testosterone. Baby girls are not angels though, they puck fights, bite and scream loudest than anyone.

Baby girls usually start talking a month earlier than boys.
Research shows that baby girls grow their vocabularies than boys.

baby talking meme

Boys take a longer time ditching their diapers.
It is easier potty training a baby girl than a baby boy. Girls can sit still for their training but the baby boys are usually up and running after sitting for a minute.

boys in diapers

Enjoy every bit of raising your babies. Those babies sure do grow quickly, you blink and find yourself sending them to college already.


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