6 easy new year’s resolutions for you and yours this 2022

It’s 2022 and you have probably said this time and time again but who can fault you? Definitely not us. New Year, new what? You!

That’s right. New you. And that means new year resolutions. We have curated a short list of 6 easy new year’s resolutions for you and yours this 2022.

1. Take care of yourself.

No. Really. Take care of yourself. Recognize that you are a piece of God/the Universe manifesting itself and processing this complex world. Take walks. Have pedicures and manicures. Go to a spa. Treat yourself. Eat healthy and well. Hydrate and be the best you that you need and want to be. And please take lots and lots of pictures. If not for the Gram at least for history’s sake.

2. Charge your worth.

2021 taught you to know your worth. Now charge accordingly. No time for bargaining. Your resume already speaks for itself. If they cannot pay for your goods and services then please let them waka pass.

3. Don’t over share

Energies are real. Negative ones realer. Unless you are at the execution stage of your plans please, do not over share. Be a mystery. Move in silence. A word to the wise is what?

4. What shall happen, shall happen.

I mean, we went through a whole pandemic and we survived. Bottomline: chale, carpe diem your way all though 2022.

5. Learn a new skill

This year we are bossing up Big Time. Trust me, you can do it. Learn something new. YouTube is your university and all those vloggers are your lecturers. Learn how to write children’s books. Learn how to DJ. Heck, learn how to grow a backyard Farm. Ghana we dey and onions and tomatoes aren’t getting any cheaper.

6. Stay woke

Last year was the year of Revelations. This year is the year of vigilance. Stay sharp, Stay smart. Work hard.

We can’t wait to see what beautiful and amazing things you achieve this year.

Happy New Year everyone.


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