6 skincare myths that may or may not be true.

Gone our the days our grandmothers would give us old wife remedies and cosmetic tips and we wouldn’t even bat an eye in doubt. Nowadays, there’s so many tips and myths around skincare that you don’t know who or what to believe. Social media, especially, is always abuzz with skincare hacks and tips. You cannot get enough of them when you go on Instagram or TikTok.

Some prove to be legit, like that thing you heard about charcoal clearing up skin. However, there are still many that move through our group chats that end up not only misleading but sometimes giving us almost fatal tips.

So we decided to give you insight into these 6 skincare myths. Without further ado, here are 4 skincare myths that may or may not be true.

1. Steam “opens” pores

We’ve heard this age-old advice from our mothers and those before them but guess what? It is a myth!

Pores aren’t doors, and steaming doesn’t open them. Steam however softens the skin and thus saturates excess dirt and oil build-up on the face, making it easier to clean.

2. Your skin can get immune to skincare products.

Not true! You do not have to switch beauty products every few months or years. Your skin doesn’t get “used” to certain cosmetic ingredients. It’s is a myth.

The epidermis, or the top layer of your skin, turns over every 40-56 days. So every month your skin generates new cells that are reintroduced to your skincare products or routine. Isn’t biology just beautiful?

3. Dermatologist Tested” Makes a Product Trustworthy

Not entirely. The term “Dermatologist Tested” is not an official or internationally recognised certification. More often than not these products are marketed more for their price points and market niche as opposed to their ingredients. Be wary with untrusted skincare products with this label. There is really no genuine demonstrative efficacy attached to this term.

4. Giving a cut air will make it heal faster.

Not true. Uncovered wounds do not heal faster. They however dry out which is bad for the healing process and worse still for your skin. Bandage your cuts, blisters and scrapes. The bandage keeps moisture in which allows skin cells and blood vessels to heal faster.

5. Stress causes acne

Yes, this is actually true. Certainly not the main cause of acne or pimples, but stress is a contributor. Stress cause hormonal imbalances in the body that can throw the body out of normal control.

Herbal teas and good bed rest are always approved remedies for dealing with stress.

6. The skin sweats out toxins

Unfortunately, this is false. The skin is a one way excretion organ that protects the body against viruses, bacteria and other harmful elements found all around us. You cannot sweat out harmful toxins like Mercury or even alcohol. The liver and kidney are the primary excretion organs for that.





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