6 Street foods you have definitely eaten before if you’re Ghanaian

As a Ghanaian there are foods that distinguish you. Sometimes these foods even distinguish your personality. You think we are capping? Example one, anybody who knows ayilo AKA shile is made and chooses to eat it still won’t cede to an argument easily.

If you like Ghanaian street food as much as we do then you’ve probably tasted these six. They are delicious and they are affordable. The down side? They are so sumptuous that Longerthroats won’t let you enjoy them in peace.

1. Roasted plantain and ground nuts (Kofi Brokeman)

A plate of roasted plantain and ground nuts (Kofi Brokeman)

Coming at first place is the combo that if it ain’t broke then it doesn’t need fixing. There’s nothing like old newspaper wrapped roasted plantains and ground nut to get the job done. The newspaper adds extra flavour. Don’t ask how.

2. Suya (Chichinga)

Strips of dried meat (suya) on a grill.

Suya; the Don, grandmaster of taste, Lord of spice and finger-licking goodness comes at second place. Sizzling and smoking hot on a grill that has seen better days, suya meat is one of the best Ghanaian chow. For many Ghanaians the Abochi in their neighbourhood is the best friend when they close from work. You cannot say you are a Ghanaba without having ever tried chichinga. P.S: the more tribal marks your Abochi had, the tastier the suya. This is Law. T for thanks.

3. Nkatie Cake

Diamond shaped Nkatie Cake

Ever wondered why Ghanaians have such beautiful jawlines? It’s because of this hard sweet right here. Eating Nkatie Cake is like Black Ops training but for your jaws. Nkatie cake is a hard candy cake made of nuts and melted sugar. At least it’s sweet.

4. Buff Loaf (Bofrot)

picture of buff Loaf (bofrot)

We need to make this fried-dough a National treasure. Can you imagine Ghana without bofrot? It would be anarchy.

5. Boiled corn and coconut

This pair are ample example that Ghanains have a refined palate.

6. Mashed kenkey (Mashkay)

Bowl of mashed kenkey with groundnuts and milk.

You haven’t enjoyed mashkay properly till you’ve run around Registrar General in the hot sun and then settled down for a breather with a bottle of chilled mashkay. Believe you me, the taste of it with groundnuts as an add-on will have set you as the official Minister of Enjoyment.





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