6 stylish hair colour combinations to try as seen on Missy Brown

Remember when you posted New Year, New Me on your WhatsApp status for another three years in a row? Well, a new hair style and colour is practically long overdue. You’ve been dyeing (pun very much intended) for a change and we have the perfect person to give you your hair inspiration.

We stumbled across Missy Brown’s marvel of a hair page @NewEditionz by accident and it’s the best one we’ve had in a long while. What she does is best described as an art-form. She is a maestro and all those hair and wig pieces are her genius.

From multi-layered highlights to simple yet colourful one-colour dye jobs, Missy Brown offers an avante-garde yet easily accessible approach to having an amazing hair day.

So say goodbye to dyeing your hair and wigs with one flat colour. It is time to explore something fresh, something stylish and something fun. New Year, New what?

Here are 6 stylish hair colour combinations to try as seen on Missy Brown.

1. Rose red like a sunset

Looking to make a bold statement? Then this red colour combination is the stunner you need to assert your dominance in any hair space.

2. Brown roots + white blonde tresses

Sometimes being subtle doesn’t get the job done. Try something outspoken with a touch of red on your lips. Let the world know you’re all about you this year.

3. Lemon + Neon Green

Something fresh and green for your roots and you.

4. Caramel Blonde Bob

Oh, this one is a killer. Closing up a merger? Positioning yourself for that senior exec role in media? Then get you a Caramel Blonde Bob. It cuts like ice and will set that conference hall ablaze with a curtain twirl.

5. Bubblegum blue

This mermaid ombre is bright and pops with all the colour your crown needs.

6. Kaleidoscope of colours

The hair that made us fall in love with Missy Brown. Like look at this? Look at this rainbow work of art. If you’re feeling brave we reckon this is just the colour you need to wrestle the world by the horns.





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