6 things to do if your salary delays

It is the end of month and Pay Day is almost upon us. We can only imagine the big plans you’ve made as you wait for that credit alert. Restocking your pantry? Getting yourself that new pair of Zara shoes you saw on sale? Or maybe it’s gnashing your teeth as your pay your debts?

There’s nothing more aggravating than your salary delaying. Especially in this ballon-inflation economic situation. We’ve been there. Those flashbacks of delayed NSS allowance still give us anxiety.

The date is 29th and you’ll be waiting for that SMS credit message but still nothing. You’re in denial now. You refresh your banking app but no extra zeroes. Now, it’s certain. The allawa still no drop.

Here are 4 things you can do for yourself once your salary delays.

1. Break your susu box

Asamoah Gyan opening Susu Box

Do it! Do it now, now! I mean, you were saving those coins for a rainy day. And this isn’t a rainy day. It is an Accra flood! Please, do the needful and start counting those coins.

2. Check your pockets for lose change.

Oya, pull out all your trousers and shorts from your wardrobe. Start looking through those pockets for moneys you may have left in there during better days. Better days being your last pay day.

3. Remember your old friend Gari Soakings

Everyone knows Gari Soakings is the country’s favourite balanced diet. Easy to prepare and cheap on the pocket. If you want to deceive yourself that you’re living it up, you can even call it Soaked Gari Grits or Gari Granules with Cream when you post it on your Snap. Doesn’t it just sound sophisticated?

4. Call up the people that owe you.

I mean, you can try and reach out to them. But in this economy? The people that owe you probably owe their banks, their mobile networks and their mothers too.

5. Pray for a miracle.

Our Lord is a listening God. Pray to him for a breakthrough. After all, the hunger and fasting is already preparing you spiritually.

6. Send a reminder to your employer.

Rihanna gets revenge

Honestly, HR probably forgot. Just send them a nicely-worded passive-aggressive mail. Tell them if they don’t want any shakara they better pay you your money! Simple and kaba tietia.





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