6 things you need to know about UG’s first female Dean of Students Prof Rosina Kyeremanten

Effective today (August 1), Professor Rosina Kyeremanten becomes the University of Ghana’s first female Dean of Students. Congratulations, Professor Rosina Kyeremanten.

The positive news was shared by the University of Ghana’s official Twitter page.

Prof. Kyeremanten takes over from outgoing Dean of Student Affairs, Prof Godfred Alufar Bokpin.

Her new duties would include strengthening relations between the University and student groups. As the Dean of Students, Prof. Kyeremanten’s office is the primary agent for optimizing student-school engagement and enhancing the overall quality of students’ life.

This is a welcome and progressive decision by the University of Ghana. And guessing from Twitter reactions, we aren’t the only ones stanning Prof. Kyeremanten’s tenure.

See? They’re here for it, like we are. That being said, we felt it prudent to share some little insights about the latest Dean of Students in town. These 6 facts will give one a better grasp of Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten’s resumé.

Here are 8 things you need to know about UG’s first female Dean of Students Prof Rosina Kyeremanten

1.  She is an Associate Professor.

Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten is am Associate Professor of Entomology at the Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science University of Ghana, Legon.

2. She has 62 academic publications under her belt.

Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten has penned and assisted in 62 academic publications over the course of her career. Two of her most recent publications are Climate‐induced Range Shifts of Invasive Species (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama) and Predicting the potential global distribution of an invasive alien pest Trioza erytreae (Del Guercio) (Hemiptera: Triozidae).

3. She’s a nature-lover and adores butterflies

Yes, Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten has a keen interest for butterflies. Especially, species found in Southern and Eastern Ghana. She loves them so much that she studied their biodiverse properties and contributions in intensifying crop production. You can read up on that in her 2018-2020 research paper Securing the health of Pollinator Agents: A Better Alternative to Sustainable Intensification in Cocoa Production.

4. She is the recipient of over two scholarships

Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten’s meteoric rise didn’t start overnight. In 1995, she won a Ghana Government Scholarship for her Masters programme. By 2000, she’d won yet another, this time in Norway for her PhD at the University of Bergen.

5. She’s been awarded over two awards for her exemplary leadership and environmentalist work.

Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten has approximately three awards for her work in biodiversity and conservation. Amongst them include the illustrious Trans-disciplinary Training for Resource Efficiency and Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (TRECCAfrica) Award.

6. She’s a part of numerous professional societies.

By virtue of her passions, Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten is part of six professional groups. These are Ghana Science Association, Entomological Society of Ghana, Entomological Society of America, Society for Conservation Biology, Society for Conservation Biology – African Section and the Norwegian Entomological Society.

And now, a new milestone as the first female Dean of Students at the University of Ghana.

We look forward to the great progress Prof. Rosina Kyeremanten brings to her new role as the Dean of Students.





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