6 ways to boost your emotional well-being

The week has only just started and you probably feel already burnt out. The rise from bed feels like a chore and if you could you’d strangle your alarm clock dead. We feel you. The cherry on top is when the people closest to you seem to not sympathize or even give any effort or care towards your mental being. Now, you’re dealing with emotional stress on top.

Feeling mentally and emotionally fatigued is something many people are coping with. If left alone could compound into a whole mental and emotional meltdown. We do not want that for you.

When you feel emotionally lethargic these 6 simple ways could help put the pep back in your step.

Here are 6 ways to boost your emotional well-being.

1. Engage in activities you love.

Most of us forget are hobbies on our way up to adulthood. This is the time to sankofa– go back to your roots. Remember the things that strike your fancy. Consciously, set small periods aside for them. It could be playing volley, reading a book or even just staring out at the sky and daydreaming. Whatever it is satisfy yourself by doing that which you enjoy.

2. Drop toxic relationships.

There’s only so much altruism one can do before losing themselves entirely. Learn to be discerning and drop relationships that are not forming you to be a productive being. Friendships or relationships that leave you feeling stressed, anxious or unsure of yourself are not healthy for your mental and emotional well-being. Kindly have them packing to the left.

3. Learn to say NO.

We are brought up to be affirmative and optimistic. These are all good traits but sometimes a well resounding NO can do wonders in reducing your cortisol levels. You cannot always help others if it is to your own personal detriment. Situations that leave you exhausted and take your availability for granted are not going to help you emotionally.

4. Learn to be Emotionally Intelligent.

As you want it, is how you give it. Being blunt does not usually communicate how best to resolve a situation. Take a personal introspection and start communicating not to just inform but to inspire a positive impact. This will in turn set the pace for how people perceive and communicate with you. You put positivity out there, you get what you give back.

5. Eat happy foods.

One thing I like to do after a long and arduous day is kick back and drink a warm mug of hot chocolate. (Thank you, Tetteh-Quarshie).

Taking happy foods lowers your incidence of depression and anxiety. Nuts, fruits, vegetables and fish are healthy food stuffs that can help you feel great. Some typical examples are dark chocolate, grass-feed beef, Greek yogurt, eggs, cherry tomatoes and even honey. Make a dietary change and watch yourself become a happier you.

6. Treat yourself.

We cannot say this loud enough. We find ourselves chasing wealth and success so much we lose track of the gift that is the present. Take time to treat yourself when you feel down. Immerse yourself in something positive. A hang out with good friends, a visit to the book store, a walk at Aburi while overlooking Accra or eating out at somewhere fancy. Make yourself feel good by rewarding yourself for staying strong through it all. You deserve it.





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