7 adulting tips you need once you get your own place

Hello, world. Your’e officially an adult. Hip-hip-hip! Hooray!

Finding a single’s apartment as a young man or woman in this city is not easy. However, that’s not the hardest part about this milestone.

The hardest part is figuring yourself out after that. Adulting is a whole life process that we all have to go through as a rite of passage. So we decided to bring you some tips to help you meander through.

Here are 7 adulting tips you need once you get your own place.

1. List and measure your needs beforehand.

Do this as much as you can. There are a lot of appliances and home decor you may be in a hurry to get. Don’t be flustered. You deserve to build your nest how you see fit. However, list and measure your needs according to priority and avoid impulse buying. The rush from getting your own place can sometimes have you tripping. Don’t fall for it.

2. Get into shopping vouchers and discount sales.

These days there are promotions running amok and special voucher services for goods and services. Look into buying discount cards at selected supermarkets. Indulge in promotions or wait it out until they come along. It’ll save you money.

3. Invest in your safety.

It is your new place and deserves all the protection it can get. Especially if you live in a detached house or apartment. Safety is priority. Kindly get locks, be it hardened steel padlocks or modern digital locks. Whatever the case get yourself on lock. Sensor alarms can also help.

4. Buy groceries in bulk.

Fuel prices are soaring. You can’t afford to be buying groceries and provisions every other week. Save enough to shop for a minimum of four weeks. Apart from saving money from the trip and getting special discounts for buying more you save yourself unneeded exposure outside (especially in these times).

5. Do not sleep on a home-cooked meal.

Do not waste those groceries you bought. Cook as much as you can. And cook in bulk. Be it soups, stews and sauces which can easily be refrigerated and heated when needed. Learning recipes could even help you be more productive and cultivate a hobby. Your wallet will thank you.

6. Be careful with storage.

Food, provisions and rations are very important. And bugs and pests are freeloaders you don’t want nor need. Get your pantry in order with kitchen ware that keep your food fresh and protected. Jars and recyclable bottles are great options. Do your part to save your planet.

7. Please, be energy and water conscious! That or cry.

Do you know that a plugged appliance could still absorb power even when the electric plug is off? Please be conscious of saving water and electricity. It’s a resource not many easily get. Do this and your utilities and pre-paid meter won’t fail you during an intimate time at home.

P. S: Get a house plant. You can never go wrong with a bit of nature in your room.





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