7 Christmas gift ideas for your teenage son

Buying gifts for teen boys may seem easy until they open the box and wince at the over-sized knickerbocker you bought them. Please, you don’t need that feeling of being underpreciation.

Teenage boys are not usually keen on communicating their needs. However, you can make an informed decision on their wants by looking out for the things they usually talk about.

Still not enough? Well, we’ve curated a 7 numbered list for you to browse and figure just want will make your boy happy. It’s Christmas so we are sure you are prepared to splurge. Your boy deserves it, don’t you think?

Whether he’s into fashion, sports or games, we have got you and your teen kid covered.

Here are 7 Christmas gift ideas for your teenage son.

1. Power Bank

Every teenager appreciate the nifty use of a powerbank. Your son can be grateful that whenever his phone dies there’s a reserve source to juice it up.

2. Mobile Phone Magnifier

Bigger is always better and the a Mobile Phone Magnifier is one of such bigger delights. This mobile phone magnifier will make your son’s movie and mobile phone gaming experience a cinematic one.

3. A shaving kit.

With clippers and even one for your noses. As a growing young man hairs will start appearing in places and your son will need all the help he can get with dealing with that. A shaving kit would be the best bet for a Christmas “coming-of-age” present he’ll never forget.

4. Beats Portable Speaker

12 hours of wireless listening? Yes, he’ll definitely sing your praises from Boxing Day all the way to New Year’s and after.

5. Chinos

Trendy, easy and comfortable. These words best describe these pair of pants. A pair of chinos will look great on your teenage son and he’ll testify just about that. Plus, it’s Christmas. You want him to look great.

6. Skateboard

The Freedom Skatepark just opened and a perfect gift to get your son into productive team-building sports is a skateboard. It’s a safe and fun way to keep your son active while also outdoors.

7. A 42″ LED TV

If your son is a gamer then he’ll definitely need a TV worth those games. Add depth and intensity to your son’s gaming experience with a television set that will immersion.





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