7 ‘clean-girl’ aesthetic looks as seen on Afua Rida

Gen Zers are at it again with something new to them but gold for most of fashion. If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok for copious amounts of time like we have (don’t judge) then you, too, may have noticed the chatter about an “all-new” aesthetic called the “clean-girl look”. It has been trending for a minute and we had to get in on what this look is all about.

We’ll preserve your click to the Google search bar.

Firstly, the clean-girl aesthetic is actually a look we’re all familiar with. Clean-girl aesthetic is basically, slick-back buns or flowing hair, less or no makeup, a minimalist wardrobe and more attention to accessories. You know that look where it is like you aren’t trying and yet somehow you’re so put-together you’re practically an easy breezy Cover Girl? Yes, that’s the clean-girl aesthetic, right there.

The nifty part about the clean-girl aesthic is that if you fill your wardrobe with the right basics, you could easily pull it off. T-shirts, crop-tops, denims, cream outfits and what have you.

One person that we can trust to pull the look off, whether rain or shine, is stylist and designer Afua Rida. Afua Rida is one half of the OMA Store, a bespoke ladies fashion and accessories brand. Afua Rida breathes Girl-Next-Door and couple that with her clean-girl aesthetic? You get a compound of effortless suave with that Afro sprinkle that needs no extra work to pull. She is our clean-girl aesthetic for the day and your canvas for any inspo you may need for your wardbrobe.

Each photo of Afua Rida’s below will give you OOTDs inspo for days.

Here are 7 “clean-girl” aesthetic looks as seen on Afua Rida.

Brunch in the Garden Clean Girl


Her hair is parted in kinky twists with a simple button shirt and brown bell-bottom pants. It’s an easy ensemble and yet it breathes sophistication. Add a pair of shades and voila!

Sundress Clean Girl


Clean girl aesthetic is all about using less to make more. Think cotton short dresses with stone earrings. You can elevate the look with a pair of heels and a show of legs too. After all, the sun’s out and so are you.

Lunch at the Café Clean Girl


Hair in a pony, long poplin dress with parted cuts for legs? Yes, please.

Running Errands Clean Girl


Ready to step out to do some shopping at the mall or in the markets? Slightly distressed denim shorts plus a long T-shirt should keep you cool during your rounds.

Blazer in the City Clean Girl


A simple look never looked so va-va-voom. An oversized blazer, a pair of stilettos, bead-ball earrings and brushed out hair for the wind is a fashion own.

On the Move Clean Girl


Travelling is on everyone’s bucket list this year. While on the move, a simple button-down white shirt and denim pants should keep you in groove.

The Sophisticated Clean Girl


Just because you’re going minimal doesn’t mean you can’t be extra with the chicness. An all-white three piece that shows enough skin should be all the statement you need.

You can cop the Afua Rida Clean-girl aesthetic here.





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