7 other benefits you probably didn’t know about Castor Oil

Have you been dealing with hair loss? Have you heard of Castor oil? If you haven’t haven’t this might be your lucky day. Castor oil is regarded as one of the miracle treatments for hair loss.

It heals the scalp, lubricates hair and stimulates hair growth. Using Castor oil is guaranteed to keep you having a great hair day every day.

But did you know Castor Oil can be used for a variety of other cosmetic treatments other than hair? You didn’t? Then we’ll tell you.

Here are 7 benefits you probably didn’t know about Castor Oil

1. Soft Lips

Castor oil goes on skin too. Applying a touch of oil on your lips will not only keep them lush but prevent cracked skin.

2. Lighten scars

Some scars like to leave a deep and lasting mark. Castor oil can help with that. By applying a few drops daily on a scar for two to four weeks, you can lighten or even clean up your scars. Blister marks are now a thing of the past.

3. Reduce cellulite

Castor oil has been proven to effectively reduce thigh and stomach cellulite. Use a generous amount of castor oil on cellulite for four to six weeks and witness results.

4. Healthy cuticles

Sometimes you don’t want to wear your press-on nails. Sometimes you just want to rock the nails the Good Lord gave you. Castor oil applied minally on your fingernails keeps them looking healthy and glossy. Try it out.

5. Thicker eyebrows

If it works on your scalp, then it’ll probably work anywhere else with hair. Apply a line of castor oil on your eyebrows before going to bed and you’ll have sexy and thick eyebrows in no time.

6. Smooth feet.

Are you conscious about how your feet look? Do your they look like you walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death? Don’t worry. Pamper your feet with castor oil and all the cones and dark marks will fade. Don’t forget in-between your toes. You want everywhere oiled up.

7. Fades wrinkles

Castor oil is great for your face. Apart from clearing out acne and keeping your face moist without grease, castor oil also fades wrinkles. Daub your face with castor oil and radiate like the young at heart person that you are.





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