7 things women are up to when you think they are cheating

So your girlfriend has not responded to your 6’oclock Good Morning text. You even took time to add sun and smiley emojis.

You’re calm. I mean it has only been like two hours, right? And then you look at your phone’s clock. You blink once. Twice. The time suddenly reads 5pm! Paranoia sets in. Now, you’re anxious.

Don’t be.

Your babe could be up to so many things other than what you think she’s doing. We’ll you what.

1. Binging a K-Drama

Ladies love their K-Dramas and have you seen Netflix’s offerings lately? Your lady-love is probably sobbing into some tissue while watching Oppa break someone’s heart.

2. Watching Make-up tutorials on YouTube.

Uhm…this elite face isn’t going to beat itself. You wanted a baddie, yes? I mean, it’s called tutorials for a reason. It’s school. But only for the face. She can’t help it if class takes her whole day.

3. Reading a self-help book about being a good future wife.

Aww, don’t you just appreciate a woman who reads and plans for the future. An intentional babe, your woman.

4. Gaslighting on Twitter.

Your baby is a certified Social Justice Warrior on Twitter. Her trigger is misogyny. The role comes with tasking responsibilities. Responsibilities that are for the greater good. And you are a great bf. Meaning please wait your turn. Greater comes before great.

5. Hanging out with her Uncle.

I mean, uncles don’t have to always be biological. Plus, if this uncle drives a V8, pays school fees, buys an apartment and also gives chop money, then the least your babes can do is offer some time in return. Na lie?

6. Fighting for your relationship.

Whiles you are sitting someone perspiring for your life, your woman, your everything is fighting the enemies of no progress trying to destroy your relationship. Fasting and praying against the witches and beating your concubines black and blue. Love your woman, oh King Solomon. She’s a ride and/or die girl.

6. Girlbossing.

She’s probably getting her paper up. Working hard to bring money back for both of you to…Oh, who are we kidding? She’s probably doing what you think she’s doing. Sorry, champ.





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