7 things you should never put on you face

7 things you should never put on your face. Check them out .

With the evolution of a plethora of skin care routines and products, you are probably unsure about what to go in for. Besides, a lot of beauty blogs and sites are offering information on what to do to have a flawless skin and face. Well, you might want to watch out because not all information is accurate.  Before using any product or applying anything on your face it is advisable to do a thorough research or contact a dermatologist .

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For the meantime, these are 7 things you should never put on your face. Know this and know joy .

1. Toothpaste

Does this ring a bell? You might have heard this somewhere. According to dermatologists  it is unsafe to apply toothpaste on your face. This is owing to the fact that they contain chemicals that are too strong for your face. Using toothpaste on your face can lead to burns and in worst cases; infections.

2. Sugar and Salt

Sugar and salt are really good exfoliates for your skin. However applying raw sugar and salt on your face is not exactly the best thing to do. This is because sugar and salt comprise of huge granules . With a delicate skin, this coarse texture is not suitable.  Using sugar and salts in their raw form can cause abrasions and bruises. Why do they make facial scrubs which contain sugar and salt? Well, the sugar and salt in these products are made into finer particles which will not be harsh on the face.


Who uses hairspray for the face? Well you probably are wondering but yes some people do. Hairspray is often used as a setting spray for makeup. This highly not advisable, keep the hairspray for the hair. These products contain chemicals that can cause reactions and dryness. That’s why your hairdresser always covers your face when using any hairspray.

4. Lemons

Dermatologists say applying lemon on your face is inappropriate. Lemons are recommended by some people to lighten and brighten the skin. You should know that lemons also contain a chemical which makes your skin sensitive to light. What happens when you apply lemon on your face and take a walk in the sun? The chemical causes reactions and you will end up having skin irritations and breakouts. Save the lemon for the juice.

5. Extremely hot water

Girl do not go pouring hot water on your face. Extremely hot water would reduce the moisture on your face and make your face dry. Washing your face with hot water would take away the natural oil on your faces. In some cases irritating and scalds may be experienced. It is better and safe  to use lukewarm water for your facial steam therapy. 

6.Bar Soap

Yes, Bar soap should not be applied on your face. Whereas, it is good for your skin it can be detrimental to your face. It has the tendency to remove the natural oil on your face and this causes dryness.


Mayonnaise has been highly recommended by some hair experts. It is used to moisturise the hair as it is found in many hairmasks. We can’t say the same for some dermatologists. They think it is not so good for the face because it can clog the pores on your face.








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