7 top non-alcoholic spirits for your favourite mocktails

Are you the usual designated driver in your friend group? You figure you also want to chill with the Big Boys without having to run kiti-kiti all over the place? Then these 7 top non-alcoholic spirits are just what the Bamba ordered.

The market for non-alcoholic spirits is new and fast-growing. Offering options and alternatives in booze-free whisky and gin, these spirits are distilled for your bar pleasure.

If you were looking to kick drinking alcohol as part of your 2022 resolutions then this list was made for you.

Wait, do you hear that? That sound. The sound of you getting drunk in love. Only without the heartbreak and the hangover.

Get ready, loves.

Here are our top 7 non-alcoholic spirit picks for your favourite mocktails.

1. Penrhos Zero Raspberry

This is a spirit that popped up in the latter part of 2020 and did not shy away from giving us real fruit in its mix. This one is best served chilled and with mint. Simply…chef’s kiss.

2. High Point Ruby Aperitif

This rich citrusy aperitif is the perfect drink to unwind to after a good day’s work. Plus its rich aurburn and amber colour makes for the best thing to sip on if you want to role-play being a gangster boss. What? I know I’m not the only one who favours Don Coleone energy.

3. The Duchess

This drink is the mocktail to what a gin and tonic is supposed to be and it comes in a variety of flavours. It has cloves and cardamom spiked into it and that brings it that familiar bitter tonic taste. But that bitterness does not stay long on the tongue with sugar cane blended in to balance this spirit. Try it out.

4. Borrago – #47 Paloma Blend

This one tastes surprisingly complex for a non-alcoholic spirit. It is distilled with all manner of botanicals and aromas that its distinct taste is almost hard to place. It has herb, citrus and spice and that is the sort of blend we need to get this party started.

5. Stryyk – Not Rum

It looks like it. Smells like it. Even tastes like it. But it’s not rum. Well, not the conventional kind anyways. Vanilla, oak and sugar cane come together to make one of the best no-alcohol bottles you will ever taste.

6. Three Spirit

This bottle looks like it belongs in the Potions Class at Hogwarts. We kid you not. This plant based is packed with so many flavours and aromas with a sweet yet sour tea taste and dried fruit taste. Something new to experiment with, we think.

7. MeMento

If you like Vermouths like we do then this Milan-made non-alcoholic spirit is made just for you. Rosemary and lemon verbena? Of course, yes. Totally and completely and absolutely. Its flavour is floral and its bottle is quite the looker. This is a perfect brunch spirit. It may not make you lit but it sure tastes like fire. Enjoy.





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