7 ways to earn money from the comfort of your home.

The year is 2022 and the economy is not looking so well because of so many global factors. Oil prices are skyrocketing, climate change is affecting produce and cost of living is chomping into pockets.

But not to worry. In this digital age there are options online that offer you the opportunity to make money without having to leave your house. All you need? Access to the Internet, a working personal computer and some skills. Skills you can easily learn online.

Scroll down and check out these 7 ways to make money from

1. Article Writing.

There are blogs and online magazine sites always looking for freelance writers. From business to health to food blogging and lifestyle, there are many subjects to cover. Be proactive. Mail an article to some of your favourite magazine sites with an application letter.

2. Resume Writing.

There is always a market for resume writing. A lot of people need help in canvassing impressive resumes that will catch the eye of recruiters. If Human Resources is your forte then this is definitely an option worth considering.

3. Transcription

Audio to written transcription is a great option to make some good cash. From court proceedings, lectures, meeting minutes to even movie subtitles, the options in the Transcription market are vast.

4. Graphic Design.

Are you good with graphics? Are you adept in Canva or Photoshop? Then this is easily one of the best ways to monetize your skills. There is almost never a shortage when it comes to graphic design work. Especially now that most businesses run on social media.

5. Social Media Management

Speaking of a lot of businesses taking their presence to social media, another viable work option pops up in the form of Social Media Management. Creating content, posting and post engagement are among some of the duties of a social media manager. If you’re great with platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, then this is definitely an option to consider.

6. Travel Planning.

Yes, we live in the era of Covid but travel has not ceased and being a Travel Planner is a great option to consider. Hotel booking, planning site-seeing, tour and holiday itineraries are a great way to make some extra cash.

7. Self-Publish a Book.

It is 2022. You do not need a publishing deal to put your written work out there. All you have to do is write something engaging and publish it online. There are a variety of e-book publishing platforms such us Amazon Kindle that you can take advantage off. Plus, the beauty of it is that you can make money from book sales even years





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