7 Wedding guests share extremely weird yet funny moments at a wedding they attended

Remember the Wedding Party Movie and all the wahala that took place before Adesua Etomi and Banky W got married??

We hate to burst your bubble but apparently, it doesn’t just happen in the movies as some weddings actually end up with so much drama and awkward moments.

Weddings are meant to be a beautiful experience and a celebration of love for everyone involved especially the couple getting hitched. And while no guest plans to attend a wedding that has so many weird things happening or uncomfortable moments, these things can happen even to people with the best intentions.

Sometimes the red flags are constantly glaring in our faces and we pay no heed to them or they just pop out of the blue. But whatever the case no one deserves to have their wedding end in chaos or awkwardness.

Per a social media post by wedding blog, Ms Asoebi, wedding guests share the most awkward wedding moments they witnessed firsthand.

Read on to hear from seven wedding guests about the funny, weird and borderline creepy wedding experiences.

“We were chased out by the police-Guest 1”

The bride’s dad was not in support of the nuptials so he brought policemen and touts to come and chase us away. Omo!!!! The groomsmen had the beating of their lives.

“They served us Jollof with cake ?-Guest 2”

We arrived late to the venue of the reception and guess what. We were served with cake as meat along with our Jollof rice.

Groom’s sister took most of the cash that was sprayed after their dance-Guest 3”

The sister-in-law was in charge of the program outline and she inserted the sibling’s dance ahead of the couple’s dance. She then proceeded to collect all the money that was sprayed on them. When it was the turn of the bride and groom most people had already sprayed their cash and the couple collected very little

“Someone stole the cake”-Guest 4

It was my sister’s wedding. Someone had the temerity and bravery to steal the whole wedding cake. Nobody ate cake at the wedding. What a shame.

“A riot ensued at the wedding and the police were called”- Guest 5

We attended a colleague’s wedding and a fight ensued at the venue. A few people involved in the scuffle smashed glass bottles on the head of their opponents.

We were so pissed and wanted to leave but on getting to the gate we found the gate locked.

We were told by the gateman the police were on their way to arrest everyone and no one was allowed to leave. We finally begged and they allowed some of us to leave. I couldn’t even tell my husband when I got home.

“The Groom’s brother died” -Guest 6

The brother of the groom collapsed in the reception hall during the reception and died on his way to the hospital ??. It’s still a day I cannot forget

“Slaps were unleashed”- Guest 7

The bride’s sister slapped the groom’s sister during their first dance





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