8 amazing benefits of olive oil and lemon juice

Olive oil and lemon juice- this may very well be one of the most simple yet healthy mixtures yet. See the hair? The skin? Flawless. And olive oil and lemon juice is one of many natural  ways to be an ethereal African goddess.

We all know how healthy olive oil is. It lowers your cholesterol while giving you a delicious Mediterranean flavour to your stews and soups. The zesty goodness of lemons provide tangy citric acid. So you aren’t just getting energy but also vitamins that fight off infections.

You’re probably wondering what does oil and a citrus fruit have in common? Well it’s more of how they complement one another to provide a healthy body reaction.

By putting olive oil and lemon together and drinking daily, your skin and liver will thank you.

Here are 5 benefits of olive oil and lemon juice.


1. Detox your body

Lemon juice and olive oil are strong detoxifiers. Together they help clean your liver and gall bladder. This mixture is sure to get your body clean of toxins and ready in good form. Plus, it has been proven to reduce gallstones.


2. Constipation Relief

Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed with work and forget to take a break to even drink a glass of water and cool down. Apart from dehydration causing unhealthy peeling skin, it mostly leads to constipation. Here’s where olive oil and lemon come in. Olive oil is a natural laxative that relaxes the bowels. Lemon is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces any swelling in the intestines. Together they relieve you of any uneasines, bloating and constipation.


3. Benefits your hair, skin and nails

Olive oil and lemon juice keep your hair, skin and nails moist and strong. You can even apply it topically to clear out dandruff on your scalp. Lubricate your crown and your skin and strut like the royalty that you are.


4. It lowers cholesterol

This mixture of olive oil and lemon brings down high levels of bad cholesterol while increasing the good ones. So your heart and blood vessels are optimized to keep you pumped and moving.


5. Fights arthritis

Olive oil and lemon juice is almost a wonder elixir at this point. This mixture is also known to lubricate joints and muscles. Thus minimizing any stress caused to them. Goodbye, arthritis. You aren’t wanted in this house.


6. Helps with blood circulation.

This mixture prevents blood clots (which by the way is common to the new Delta Variant) from forming. If you tend to experience abdominal pain during your periods it is probably as a result of a blood clot. We recommend this mixture for your relief.


7. Reduces the presence of stretch marks and varicose veins.

Olive oil tinged with lemon juice when applied directly works against visible varicose veins and also stretch marks. If you  didnt know now you do. Apply this as a topical skin oil and expect results in less than a fortnight.


8. Fights abdominal fat.

Now I know this is a very popular one. A lot of ladies and men have been clamouring for slimming teas and waist-trainers. Say good bye to all that bodice and chemise stress. With this mixture you can say all that fat and flab on your waist good bye. Olive oil and lemon juice will get rid of them. Quick action style.

So there you have it. 8 benefits of olive oil and lemon. With just these 8 benefits the lengths to which your body will go is near limitless. Try it out. Tell us what you think in the comments below.





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