8 chic neutral casual outfits we are copying from Yvonne Nelson

Leave it to actress and producer Yvonne Nelson to always deliver 100% solid fashion. Whether is black or blue, brown or beige, Yvonne Nelson’s OOTDs always set the canvas for chic casual layering. Simple accesories and add-ons like hands bags, purses or even jewellery.

And while sometimes the hues mentioned above can come across as plain it’s all about having the confidence to pull it off. Confidence is definitely one of the actress’ strong suits. We like to describe her aesthetic as blasé cover girl living her best life.

When she’s not hosting on her private island @ynisland she’s giving us life from her photos on the Gram.

Here are 8 chic neutral casual outfits we are copying from actress Yvonne Nelson.

Classic Black

Sporty green.

Blue Schmood!


Our Candy Crush.

Yello, Legs.

White Treasure.

Olive Sunset.





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