8 clear signs your new job is from hell and will stress you

Congratulations you just landed a new job after only God knows the number of letters you’ve written to various companies and interviews you’ve attended.


Hold your horses, please!!!! That’s not all even though you are extremely to enter this role and earn salary whiles climbing the ladder to achieve your goals. You need to do a number of background checks and access the pros and cons of this new job.

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Most importantly you need to check for these 8 signs. If your new company is portraying a number of these signs please be quick to run. Don’t say we didn’t give you good advice for 2023!!

1. The job requires you to work long hours, with little time for rest or relaxation.

Why is your new job already asking you to achieve all these tasks in one day?? Are you a robot?? Why are they already asking you to come on weekends because the weekend manager can’t make it. My friend, you better start sending in your resignation letter before they turn you into the office slave.

2. The job involves a high level of responsibility, with little support or guidance from supervisors or colleagues.


Can we begin to talk about jobs like this?? If you experience this kind of work culture in any office or a new job, please run for your life. As a newbie, it’s your supervisor’s role to take you through the rudiments of the work no matter how experienced you are. Every organization has their operation style so it’s best someone provides some level of support including the software tools to use, where the washroom is located and even the best food spots.

3. High-pressure, fast-paced environment, with tight deadlines and frequent demands for quick decision-making.

We really don’t get it but why is your boss sending an internal memo for all staff to join the latest viral challenge on the internet?? We get that they want you to look as sociable as you can but this is a big red flag especially when it’s not something you are comfortable with.

4. The job has a low salary or inadequate benefits, which can cause financial stress and insecurity.

This should have been number 1 because let’s be honest passion and purpose are cool stuff but you need money to survive especially in today’s Nana Addo economy. If your salary is so low it can only afford to pay for only your transport or buy food then please quit because what is that?? It’s always strange and weird to be asking your friends and family for loans when they know you have a job.

5. Working with difficult or challenging people, such as difficult clients or demanding bosses

For your mental health’s sake please avoid difficult people in every sphere of your life and that includes the office too.

6. The job has a high level of uncertainty or instability, with frequent changes in policies or procedures.

In this post-covid economy, a lot of jobs fall in this category but it doesn’t mean you should quit. However, some jobs may be more unstable than others. If your job is asking you to forfeit your December salary or take haircuts on your funds that’s a red flag. Also, if your C.E.O is also the C.F.O, HR and only key decision-maker, that’s a cause for worry

7. The job offers little opportunity for growth or advancement, with little support for professional development or training.

This is self-explanatory because why is your job issuing policies about staff enrolling in a Masters’s program or other higher education programs? Please run when you enter a new role and these types of policies exist in the company.

8. The company is known for sexual harassment, flirtatious colleagues and sexual culture

If your job reeks of a brothel please come and be going. If you hear them passing sexual comments at the least opportunity, that’s another red flag. Fornicating is wrong, doing it with your office colleagues it’s double wrong.





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